FFXIV: Leveling Trivia & Pre-Holiday MMO Fuss

I’m now firmly settled in the routines of FFXIV leveling. Two alts, I try to duty-roulette through my number of raids and dungeons on both, and then I level the job I feel like today, through eligible highest level dungeon and side questing.

Side quests are exactly what I lacked during MSQ – world building, and every next hub is a treasure in that sense. Of course, the quests are mostly mundane, and chain-questing from the same NPC character is a groan, but nevertheless every next quest helps lorewise.

So where are we now:

Mi’qote Main:

  • Dancer – 70, and that’s my first alt job arriving in Shadowbringers, woo! Super fast and agile job, it’s my to-go option when exploring new dungeons and raids, and also I enjoy support options.
  • Monk – 63. The chakra/beast/whatever stuff is so complex, I’m planning and executing, but not by a 100%, and yet I still dish out some insane damage, both AoE and single target. It’s so spectacular and rewarding.
  • Samurai – 63, I keep these two up, because they share gear, and I get rid of outdated immediately. Samurai is a very slow and calculated job, precision cuts are superb.

It’s hilarious, but my outfit feels so great with all these three jobs! Same glamour/transmog, except for weapons:

So far, I haven’t met anything better for them.

Lalafell Alt:

  • Machinist – 68, finished with Far East and ready to steam roll the south of Ala Mhigo story zones. I am reminded how Stormblood story is an absolute bliss, so grave and yet so full of hope. I absolutely love everything about Machinist job too! My Dragoon main struggled with solo story duties, like Naadam or Zenos fights, wiping there, while Machinist just stomped everything into the ground without a sneeze!
  • Black Mage – 66, breathing in the neck. I keep up just because. Finally shaped and made peace with the rotation, enjoying my big ba-da-booms and even got used to slow casting, although solo questing is utter pain. I think only a masochist should main a black mage, and I also think it’s a very fun leisure job for group activities!
  • Ninja – 53. Combining mudra for big ass nukes is fun!
  • Bard – 55. Previously I kept bard and ninja on the same level, but now with my leveling Machinist I need to rapidly grow bard, because they share aiming gear, and my bags are crammed at a frightening speed via story rewards. I’ve checked out all the actions and traits, and breathe out: my hotbars are set, no more surprises. I enjoy support role so much!

Finally got a proper “fire mage” glam, so far the best :)

All in all, all 8 jobs are extremely fun, and I never regret picking them :) Having fun, and playing every job every day a little.

As for side questlines, A Realm Reborn is done on both alts, from capitals and to Mor’Dhona/Coerthas, zero quests! Heavensward – done on my main, shoveled a bit on alt. I did a couple of hubs in Steppe, Ruby Sea and Yanxia, but not completely.

I’ve got an early Xmas/New Year present from my wife, it arrived just in time:

Y’shtola’s badass, definitely one of my top-3 Scions, and also I think that a cat lady is what I would pick as a merch token for the game in my apartment, not to mention that my main is a mi’qote :)

Like always, we pick our presents ourselves and provide a link to a desired item for each other, so it was not a surprise gift, but of course the most welcome treat. My wife’s not a gamer – at all, she plays zero games, PC or mobile – but we support each other’s quirks and hobbies, whatever they are. Whatever makes us happy :)

P.S. WoW? I’m logging in tomorrow for my holiday Rock’n’Roll Racing toy cars, yes please, I played them on Sega MegaDrive in 90s when they were current content, and checking Conservatory for mount? That”ll be it.

Btw, not participating in holiday FFXIV activities, don’t have time, tell me if there are any important goods to grab!

2 thoughts on “FFXIV: Leveling Trivia & Pre-Holiday MMO Fuss

  1. The holiday quests in Gridania are fairly quick. You get 2 minions and can buy a wall-mount decoration for your house/apartment. It’s 2 or 3 quests. Can get it done in about 30 minutes.


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