Trivia: Greedy for Offerings

My, that escalated fast!

October 5

I’m so hyped for farming now :) The pace remains the same: about 1-2 set pieces per Covenant armor type in a week, but this is 14-16 items across my roster every week. With offerings rounds taking 5-10 minutes max, it is more than possible to complete them every day – even with Korthia duties. I’ve woven in world boss and 250×2 anima elite quests to whip up the anima income, which is also not too much of a bother.

All in all, I’m quite happy with my pace. By November I’ll already start farming weapon mogs, just as planned.

I’m looking at 9.1.5. as one of the biggest lulls. Frankly, I’m skeptical about the patch: Legion dungeons and mage tower are hardly content, and QOL improvements do not deserve all the hype. If anything, they should have been applied when ready with hotfixes – because it is now when I’m playing the game.

What would I do in 9.1.5.? Maybe swap Covenants to chase venthyr plate and necro leather sets, also weapons that current classes did not cover – for example, a DH warglaive. Maybe I would resume farming Legion raid sets. But all in all – a lull. I’d like to have a lazy activity for an alt or two to login for a short session, but I’d also like to be free of duties and bench the majority of my roster.


Haven’t played, really, since the last week, with all the WoW farming. I’ve only managed to step out of Japan port city and get acquainted with an evil woman – the Doman viceroy, so it’s barely a chapter’s worth of progress. Maybe I will catch up today a bit.

An observation though! Strange enough, it’s the second Japanese setting of a fantasy world with the wild mix of culture influences, where Japanese theme appears the most bleak and uninspiring. Maybe it’s another reason I’m procrastinating. You would think that they know their culture best, and should deliver in all its glory, but it appears the most boring arc so far since I arrived across the sea. As much as I was inspired and happy with Ala Mhigo part, I’m bored to the bone with the “Japanese” city port and the Ruby Sea part – the characters, the visuals, the culture, everything. Haven’t seen local China and Mongolia yet, maybe something will change.

Same thing happened when I’m watching One Piece anime. When they arrived in Wano country – a local version of Japan – it’s also one of the most boring arcs to me, and I can’t wait till it’s over.

I wonder.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Greedy for Offerings

  1. I’m with you on Wano no Kuni. It was hyped up as the most amazing arc ever, but even with the highest ever stakes (Luffy against two yonkos at once) it feels very boring. Might also be because I mostly don’t care about the country and most of the supporting cast in this arc.

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