Threads of Fate Quick Leveling Guide

Threads of Fate is an amazing new feature of Shadowlands which allows an utmost player agency with driving your toon 50 -> 60 in a player-designed mode – and without following the obligatory story paths like it was before. Of course it is up to you whether you want to replay the main storyline, or pick Threads of Fate, but as a devoted altoholic I highly recommend picking this path. I’m driving 22 toons in Shadowlands, and did only 2 runs through the main story, while 20 other alts chose Threads of Fate and never regretted it.

Where you get the experience during Threads of Fate and are these things effective?

  • First of all, forget about chain dungeon runs and queues (except for quests), because they provide ridiculous experience compared to time spent on the run and queues. An average dungeon run provides 20-25% for the given level, so imagine the number of re-runs you have to do to reach 60.
  • Treasures give some nice experience, but hunting them on purpose is counterproductive.
  • The same concerns killing rares: by all means do if you meet them on your way, but do not hunt them on purpose.
  • It is super wise to make use of your gathering professions: ~2k per herb/ore node, 4 nodes are worth a proper quest experience. You don’t want to miss them.
  • Bonus objectives (cross swords) – despite a 18k experience reward – normally do not worth time spent, because they are nigh-endless grinds. You’ll regret doing them by 60% of completion when it’s already wise to finish them. Pick them only if you really want to distract from other activities, and/or if your class is slaying mobs in a matter of couple seconds: for example, hunters, warriors, boomkins, rogues may find it ok, while it’s highly NOT recommended for tanks, healers, mages, warlocks and other slow classes.
  • World quests are normally worth doing, especially if you can complete them simultaneously with normal quests. Avoid crossing the whole map for a single quest though.
  • Finally, yellow quests which you see on the map. These questlines count into Sojourner of [zone] achievements, and they are the core of Threads of Fate leveling.

Also a huge chunk of experience you must never miss would be two things:

  • 4 aid [zone] quests from Tal-Inara in Oribos which send you to the zone – ~70k per zone completion.
  • 4 leveling dungeon quests – ~50k per dungeon.

So, our leveling scheme will be as follows:

  1. Complete Shadowlands intro to the Maw – this takes you to 50,9.
  2. Take quest from Tal-Inara and go to the zone of choice.
  3. Fill the bar by focusing on yellow questlines – then go to Oribos by quest for the next zone errand.
  4. Weave in world quests, rares, treasures, gathering nodes on the way.
  5. Unlock dungeon quests (when required) and take them, but do not be tempted to do them immediately. This is very important, and I’ll explain later.
  6. Rinse, repeat until you’ve helped all 4 zones.
  7. Complete dungeon quest runs.

Provided you have rested experience (and depending on your professions) this scheme will take you to level 60 and 5 Renown levels of the chosen Covenant.

Now, here’s some pitfalls you need to know about.

Even if we’re talking about rested experience – as I leveled – it may happen that by completing the 4 zones and 4 dungeons you may have 0,9-0,3 level to complete, which feels like an absolute bummer, because, hey, you’ve helped them all, you’re ready for the endgame! Our goal is to ding 60 with giving in a huge XP quest, like dungeon or aid-the-zone one, that feels climactic and awesome, and you won’t have to do minor tasks to level the final XP bar.

So this is why we put dungeons aside. Completing the dungeon and its quest fills aid-the-zone bar by 20%, and that means you do less normal quests, and endanger yourself to the lack of experience in the final level, to anti-climactic crumb picking.

Now, we’ll talk about how to level in Threads of Fate as fast as possible. The major idea is picking the questing areas which provide dense clusters of yellow quests and long questlines. This means: no wandering in vain, and the best time spent/XP rate. I’ll break it to you zone by zone.

Bastion Threads of Fate Leveling

  1. Helping with mechanical and live lions is a lengthy questline which provides a massive amount of experience.
  2. The larion/crook questline in the garden hollow.
  3. Agthia’s Repose questline is a dense cluster of quests.

You may laso visit the southern part to help fill the bar: Aspirant’s Rest flight point offers two quick quests, Aspirant’s Crucible area has a quick yellow quest, a quick bonus objective and four rares that you could chain-summon without camping or waiting.

The Necrotic Wake dungeon quest does not have requirements and is available at the dungeon entrance.

Maldraxxus Threads of Fate Leveling

  1. Theater of Pain questline is one of the longest Sojourner questlines of the game, and provides massive amount of experience. Also if you complete it, at level 60 you could take Theater of Pain dungeon quest for a huge anima reward.
  2. House of Plagues’ cozy corner is four quick quests, and it unlocks Plaguefall dungeon quest, so it’s always necessary to visit on any alt.
  3. Sepulcher of Knowledge is decent in experience, and provides one of the most interesting tomb raiding questlines in the game!

Maldraxxus is also famous for its world quests, which are conveniently located in major areas.

Ardenweald Threads of Fate Leveling

Ardenweald is one of the best questing zones in Shadowlands. The questlines offer a massive number of quests, chain-leading you to the next hub and located more or less in the same area.

  1. Upon arriving to Lady Moonberry, don’t forget to take Mists of Tirna Scythe dungeon quest from innkeeper and immediately fly to Tirna Vaal. Accept quest from Brigdin, follow to Partik and complete Heartwood Grove.
  2. Back in Tirna Vaal, proceed with the gorm gris questline at the spot for master Sha’lor.
  3. Upon completion, the locals would immediately send you to Glitterfall Heights hub – complete another gorm questline.
  4. As you give in the final quests, there is another massive hub right around the corner – the spriggan area.

By the time you engage spriggans, your aid-the-zone bar would be almost filled. You don’t have to seek anything else.

Revendreth Threads of Fate Leveling

Revendreth is another dense quest hub which is easy to complete despite the elevators and stuff. By the way, elevators are marked on the map: those red castles with circles tell you where you could descend or climb!

  1. Arriving at Darkhaven, I suggest you do these easy 3 quests right on spot for 6% of the bar. They take little to none time, and provide some start. I never skip them.
  2. Nadjia’s questline at the bottom of Darkhaven (use elevator for quick access) has lots of easy quests and is strongly recommended.
  3. Before that though, I suggest you go from Darkhaven to hub 3: Halls of Atonement. Once you know your way around, this is a quick and fast gold mine of experience which also unlocks Halls of Atonement dungeon quest. You start at the marked flight point – but make sure you take a perfectly safe bottom road around the castle from Darkhaven, do not fight through the mobs on the top in vain!
  4. Hunting grounds offer a number of quick quests which are perfect to complete the bar. I suggest you ride there straight after Nadjia’s questline.
  5. If you’re seeking for more experience to help filling the bar, you journey to Sinfall/Ember Ward area and engage in a mirror collection questline. Be prepared for grinds though.


I hope this guide helps to find your way around Threads of Fate – and I do recommend it as a preferable way to level in Shadowlands. Happy dings everyone!

5 thoughts on “Threads of Fate Quick Leveling Guide

  1. The section about Ardenweald needs some editing. You don’t start the Heartwood Grove quest line from “Parrik”, you get it from Brigdin, who sends you to find ParTik. It took much googling before I figured it out- there’s no NPC called Parrik.


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