Zuldazar Overview: Of Loa, Mogu and Knives in the Back


Zuldazar is the heart of Zandalari empire and Zandalari continent.

Nearly 25-30% of the zone is the magnificent city capital itself – and with three flight points in the city alone. No wonder that the main questline evolves here: for 3/7 of quest achievement you don’t even have to leave the city, leading your investigation.

As with Alliance’s Tiragarde Sound, the zone which contains the capital contains the high treason theme. We set out to investigate what the king’s advisors are up to (spoiler: they are up to no good).

While I praised Lady Ashvane as an unusual villain for WoW, a mischeivous yet completely normal human, Zuldazar’s villains are vice versa. They are as classic WoW villains as possible. And by ‘classic’ I mean: if you see any evil, power promising entity – immediately bend your knees, succumb your body and soul, and start a plotting cult.

I wouldn’t tell that it is bad in this case – it is a bit comforting to drive on the well-known rails. Moreover, the storytelling along the way is quite interesting. We get a deep insight of troll communication with their good loa – previously we met only the bad ones.

The achievement core questline embraces barely half of the zone, leading to the dungeon entrance of course and sinking the final quest beyond the last boss. I will postpone it until 120 and epic Rastakhan (local “Jaina”) questline – I wish there was one dungeon run instead of two.

One of the major questline highlights, among all the troll temples, evil cult and loa, is a hello from Pandaria: a mogu return. It’s no big news, because Zandalari were there for Thunder King story, now mogu pay their visit back. We crushed their power in Pandaria, so it’s barely a small contingent of evil mooks which aid the bad guys, not scheming on their own. Yet it was nice to see them again.

Side questlines here are plenty – with main questline we cover 50-60% of the zone. I’m having errands to diverse locations:

  • We need to deal with the remnants of Alliance force thrown to our shores (would be Alliance foothold);
  • We need to go excavating relics;
  • We need to deal with sethraki on Vol’dun border;
  • We will learn about dinos!
  • And the last, but not the least, it’s Nesingwary camp. We shall see if it’s still a grindfest.

Zuldazar is a lush zone, with sandy resort shores and wild jungle. I haven’t explored it in full yet, but it seems it’s no place for smaller forms of life. Dinos are everywhere on the way. It provides this prehistorical, epic and brutal vibe, and for once you don’t look for enemies in the bushes, but look up for them not to step on you :)

Zuldazar is your summer vacation place, both in lore and in its looks.

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6 thoughts on “Zuldazar Overview: Of Loa, Mogu and Knives in the Back

  1. This zone has good jungle vibes. I went there and it was raining, definitely could feel the heat from the environment. I remember finding a spot where 2 brutosaurs were walking and I just stood to the side and watched as these giant majestic beasts walked by me. It felt like straight out of Jurassic Park. I must say their zone design this expansion has been excellent!

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    • 1. Alliance sets major outposts in all three Horde zones – in fact, it should be done as a part of leveling. Check the ‘mission table’ ship in Boralus harbor for new quests every 2 levels.

      2. Upon 7th Legion reputation progress we will go further into the continent. New flight points will be opened, new stories unveiled. 7th Legion reputation is about completing world quests in Zandalar – it is a war campaign.

      3. You’ll need to explore Zandalar continent as a part of Pathfinder achievement.

      4. Some quests are shared I presume (I can’t imagine Alliance denied of Nesingwary camp, for example), but if you don’t have a Horde toon, you’re missing a huge part of story and lore.

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      • Thank you so much for the in dept explanation and guidelines, I really appreciate it :) bookmarked it for the future, thanks again.

        Yeah it sure sounds like there’s so much to be seen on the Horde side too. I’m not sure how to divide my time. I’m soon level 112. Maybe unlock Path finder, and then level a Horde character to experience their story? I like exploring on land, just not sure I have the time to keep up.
        Did one miss out on a lot in Legion, by just having one character, you think, or? This expansion seems different in those terms.

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