FFXIV: 6.2. Buried Memory MSQ Review (Spoilers)

So not to get spoilers into the post preview, let’s start with 6.1. story recap – basically a lead-in.

After the world is saved from apocalypse, we went on a leisure treasure hunt – where we found a secret treasure vault of Thavnair. Turns out, it held not just a massive gold stash which was utilized for the greater good of the country, but also a small void hole to the 13th. Varshahn/Vrtra unveils the truth about it: his dragon sister vanished through it, and though he followed, he couldn’t find or save her back then. So the gate was sealed.

Now the Scions offered help, and with augmented scale amulets, preventing turning into voidsent, and an artificial Atomos gate creature which enhances the void rip, crafted by joint efforts of Garlond Works and Thavnair alchemists, we’re able to cross the gate and start our search – that’s when 6.2. begins.

First of all, I was scared to see Garlond and Co. at screenshots. As you probably know, I’m hating every Garlond content in the game for incredible boredom – the only bright spot being Nero/Cid bickering episodes (in Netflix adaptation, those two would already be married – and that’s not even a big stretch!). So I was glad that they just delivered gear and said goodbye – phew!

Second: Varshahn got its human form upgrade, albeit temporary, and oh my god he’s hot, I even called my wife to check him out:

Just a pure aesthetic pleasure, nothing else. Paired with his calm, mild speech and a mild accent it’s a character to die (or kill) for. By lore, he’s tanking the dungeon (“paladin”) if you’re playing dps or healer, and I’d say he’s the best tank so far among NPCs.

Alright, without further ado, we arrived to the 13th which immediately greeted us with a dungeon. Swarms of voidsent (even one boss was a swarm!), lured by an opened gate, a promise of Beatrice being a story villain which was immediately stomped at boss three – Scarmiglione – which ate her :) Well this was fun :) Scarmiglione itself, as one of the four captains, received another appearance and story worth – and this was also cool, as it couldn’t just die in 3 minutes after our first acquaintance.

I loved how they unveiled the lore about the 13th in general – in quests, cutscenes, background, story character, npc and villain replies. So many vital – and sufficient pieces of information, no questions left, no stones unturned so far, so the world building was executed top notch. Current 13th (shall we fix it like the First? We have that creepy guy that we shoo out of Minfilia’s office who wants to return there too) is awesome in ambience, and albeit being a ruined and deformed world, is super beautiful and fun to travel.

The society and modus operandi of 13th denizens was quite fun to explore. It’s the world short on aether, so they always at war with each other and feast on their enemies to acquire life energy – and that’s why they want to penetrate our world at every opportunity. Strength is everything (but they acknowledge alpha predators, and minor fiends won’t attack you, for example, cause they don’t want to be eaten). The villains are the warlord Golbez – apparently, one of the strongest warlords of the world – and his element-themed 4 lieutenants (fire, water, air, earth). There’s no specific depth in them, just aether hungry and power hungry fiends, living for conquest and consumption, is all – and it’s beautifully written and works.

Barbariccia – the wind lieutenant and a trial raid boss – was an excellent example of a cackling, vicious witch, cruel, mad and brutal. An excellent villain, an excellent warmonger that believes only in strength and no mercy for the weak, and an excellent boss – my, the speed and rage of her attacks, I spent more time checking out for AoE telegraphs and positioning than casting it seems, and still died several times :) Hair themed attacks were cool too.

Finally, Zero – aka Zenos’ voidsent. Well THAT was a twist, as even when we first meet her 6.2. she looks like a man and speaks in a deep male voice. Technically it’s another take on Eden’s Gaia, only if Gaia was edgy and choleric, Zero is on melancholic part of the spectre. Such a beautiful character with an excellent background, and totally believable that she spent years in the void world, grasping their attitude to survive, and yet keeping a part of her human self! This is a blade thin edge to walk, and it was done masterfully.

I’ve vaguely written before that I liked the character very much, and I don’t mind her joining the Scions if – when she thaws and make friends. Although, she’d probably wish to return to the 13th when we fix it. Her adapting to the realities of the Source was brilliant. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

All in all, the 6.2. story is a full-scale series season, with current small arcs wrapped, and yet a part of the whole, which is yet to continue. We’ve achieved a lot, we’ve learned a lot, and we want to learn what happens next, and we want more.

The only thing is: I didn’t quite get about voidsent rebirth details (what they discussed after Scarmiglione’s final death), I will need to check it again on reruns.

Coming next: I’ve finished Abyssos in the morning, so boss and story reviews are in order.

4 thoughts on “FFXIV: 6.2. Buried Memory MSQ Review (Spoilers)

  1. FFIV has been my favorite FF, and one of my most favorite games, back when it was FFII on my SNES. I absolutely love the callbacks to IV that we’ve seen in Endwalker, from the Lopporits to the Lunar Whale, the masterful remade versions of IV’s music to Golbez and Four Fiends.

    Even the Fell Court of Toria is yet another IV reference and, though I HATE the dungeon, the melancholy music was amazing.

    Can’t wait for 6.3 to arrive!

    Liked by 1 person

      • BECAUSE I KEPT GETTING BEAT BY BEATRICE, WHOM I HATE. I did just finally finish the dungeon, so it’s MSQ time.

        I also got nothing but Casting and Aiming gear…but I’m a Dark Knight…sigh. I also got worthless IX Materia! I’ve got some lousy luck.


        • Yeah, it’s the only boss I died to, those lines on the floor :) Yet I figured you gotta keep away from them when they light up (or just follow Y’shtola if you’re running with Scions), and all’s well ) On second run it went flawless. As for gear – well, that’s our common drop RNG, nothing unusual.


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