Their Task is Not a Grind?..

Let the late days of expansion begin!


Tomorrow is Blizzcon, and the new expansion will be announced with a 99,9% chance. From this point, the Legion will grow old in an instant. Even the upcoming Antorus raid is not going to fix that. Everyone will be in anticipation, creating theories about the possible story and discussing the new features of the expansion.

Like I said before, and I’m gonna repeat that here, the new expansion would go like this:

  • Sea-bound theme
  • Azshara, naga & N’Zoth being the ultimate enemy
  • Zul Again and pirates as raids in the middle of expansion
  • Kul Tiras and some goblin/troll island as the most likely A/H sea base of operations
  • Your own admiral ship as the new garrison. It’s gonna move from island to island by Vindicar’s technology of moving between Argus shards, and it’s gonna be upgraded during the expansion instead of artifacts.
  • Old grudges rekindled: A/H clashes, with Jaina/Genn vs Sylvanas leadership
  • A special point will be awarded to Blizz if there will be an emphasis on dwarf/gnome/goblin technologies and overall steampunk/dieselpunk attitude to building your fleet

I will learn if my predictions were true only on Sunday. My band’s leaving to Tallinn for a gig tomorrow, on the day of Blizzcon, so I’m gonna use my virtual ticket in retrospective after two days.

Anyways, we will have 9-12 months of Legion coming, so we may better think of what to get ourselves busy with. My to-do list goes as follows:

Argus Exploration Meta-Achievement

Almost all set and done. I’m all exalted on my main, I’ve seen the story, I killed every Argus world boss – well, everything. I need one more invasion boss to pop up – sadly it’s our favorite random in action. So what is left here is to continue grinding common invasions until this boss shows up and wait for the last Antorus raid wing in LFR.

Argus Rares

There’s only one rare left untouched for achievement, and it comes via a portal of 500 demon eyes. I’ve already started grinding it, and I had ~100 in an hour.

Argus Mounts and Pets

I have every mount and pet from eggs, and I’ve actually already started giving them away to my guildmates. I still need mounts from Argus rares – no luck so far. I need to buy reputation mounts, but it’s reputations to go yet. Micromantica won’t buy Argussian Reach talbuks, because my Alliance toons are saving for the Army of Light warframe. So it’s up to Horde toons and their Exalted with Argussian Reach.

Argus Demon Grind

I need to grind 5000 demons for the final achievement and the title. I did a grind with my guildmates, and it brought me 1500 demons up, earning myself a 2000 achievement and a mount. More to go. One fun way of doing it is launching a warframe in your spare minute in a heavy demon-populated area, and laying devastation. One merry round would easily make you 50 demons. And of course grinding the demon eyes is also a way up there.

Antorus & Tomb Transmogs

I’m eager to collect sets for every class, but we shall see. With Tomb, I have only trash drops left for several toons, and it may be too grindy.

Reputation Mounts

Like I said, it’s gonna be only by tokens which come from table missions. If I never win them by the end of expansion, so be it. I’m tired of half-a-year world quest grind.

Rat Mount

 There’s a small batch of 17k Underbelly eyes to grind… I need this mount.

Profession Leveling

My toons must come to the next expansion 800-skilled in both main professions, Cooking and First Aid. All is being done via Darkmoon Faire treats, and I’m actually very close to the end here. So not thinking about it at all.


Micromantica must grind all the fishing achievements and earn a fishing artifact weapon. It’s a long path to go.


I need kinda 5 pristine items for Legion archaeology – the rest achievements are fine. I also need to finish pristine Arakkoa and Draenor clans projects – there are things to be done yet.

Transmogrification Sets

I need those transmogs obviously, and I’m 5 PvE achievements short on Micromantica. And beyond achievements there are other toons and their transmog sets too. Also, some order halls have an option to complete any world quest in an instant (warlocks, mages, demon hunters, warriors, paladins, death knights), so I use this to earn myself PvP tokens to be exchanged for PvP transmogs. It’s not an urgent task, but something very enjoyable to do, as well as trying for the raid mounts on my way.

Pet Battles

When I’m TOO bored and the other things are done, I’m gonna earn some pet battle achievements. I’m eager to see pet battle dungeons too someday.


Didn’t get past the first boss in the Blue Dragon den :) My mage just got crushed in seconds and a pair of blows! I want to do it, but I need a bigger ilvl.



We’re entering the wonderful and amazing world of grind now! Let’s hope we find an element of fun there…



8 thoughts on “Their Task is Not a Grind?..

  1. Doing candy buckets the other day it struck me. Why do the Goblins have a huge cannon pointed out to sea. What is out there that the are afraid will attack.


    • Why, the Alliance of course :)

      If you’ve ever played the goblins’ starting questline (if not, I strongly recommend that you do) you’d know. First, they got their home island destroyed by Deathwing. When the Kezan refugees (all goblin players) escaped from the volcano eruption, an Alliance armada blasted their small rugged fleet with their cannons and smashed it to smithereens. And they did it just in case, because goblins were by chance passing by their important sea operation of capturing Thrall. A land battle then followed, barely won.

      So their dread before Alliance is quite understandable. Obviously the first thing they did upon arriving to the continent is build a huge cannon against the possible Alliance fleet and litter the Azshara’s water area with mines enough to blow up a capital.

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      • Ahhh. I had forgotten all of that. I ran a goblin through way back when. What I recall from then was getting the car. And I wanted that so much to be a mount for the rest of the world.


      • Haha, it’s got to be a perfect example of stress reaction psychology :) Some goblins overcompensate the terror experience by weapons, and some just make themselves forget and remember only cars and parties from the whole experience :)

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  2. Rock on indeed! What a list. You won’t be bored :)

    Forgive me if I am wrong, but does Chromie not scale? As in we all get level 112, was it, and gear goes up there too?

    It helps a lot, once you have her talents researched. They take some days to finish but even just the first ones helped me tremendously.

    Have fun :)

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  3. After more than a month without WoW or any online game, i can say: welcome grind, i miss you :-D

    The question is: how long it will take Blizzard to release the next expansion? i don’t mind waiting few months, from 3-6 months, nice time for grinding everything.

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  4. You cannot beat Deaths of Chromie by itemlevel, because you are scaled to level 112 and itemlevel 1000 no matter what gear you have.

    The way to do it is to get reputation with Chromie up to the moment when you can talent her to become your tank.


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