Gear Up: Getting Ready For Next LFRs!

Let the charts speak for themselves:

January 20


February 11


Few comments to comment: 

  • Obviously only Chitsuro has to reach Highmaul LFR yet.
  • Need to finish the main Nagrand questline for everyone – it will give some nice replacements for previous green items.
  • I look forward to finishing them asap, cause then I’ll be busy with next level of Khadgars rings – 680.
  • Obviously my next goal is Blackrock Foundry LFR – got yet a week before it :=)
  • Trying to do Alchemist Dungeon daily for everyone (it means: 10 tries daily at best!) – still no Love Rocket
  • I’ve broken my Lone Wolf attitude and joined with friendly and cool Alliance and Horde guilds, who don’t give a shite about if I join serious raiding or not (and I’m good with LFR, really). WoW suddenly became social after all these years, and I like it ^_^
  • News of the day: Gnomecore doesnt use ANY ADDONS, like never, like at all. I LIKE the original interface and I don’t feel I need any extra info or modifications for it.
  • I feel there will be a Love/Hate post about Nagrand and Highmaul.

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