Transmog: Need A Light?

I've already boasted everywhere, but not in my blog. That I'm gonna fix now! I didn't really appreciate gear transmogrification for a long time, I was just gearing up and happy with my current armor. I liked how it transformed from simpletons of first levels to bright caleidoscope of Burning Crusade to grim and brutal Northrend … Continue reading Transmog: Need A Light?


Things Before WoD And Night Elven Face

19 days are left - guys, it's less than 3 weeks! So let's review my small progress again. 1. Rottenshield hit Exalted with Celestials on Saturday, and ta-dam! Royal Satchel recipe is hers now. 3 bags at once (2 for herself, 1 for Salash), and 7 more to go. I will finish it nevertheless after … Continue reading Things Before WoD And Night Elven Face

Please more time until WoD!

Though I strongly want a new expansion, I still hope that it's released not until at least late October. I really want to get my 4 chars to Pandaria and dress them in LFR tiers of Thunder and Orgrimmar! Easier for me, I never wear helmets, cause it's not why I spent many minutes choosing … Continue reading Please more time until WoD!