One More Year In WoW

It's December 30, and it is time to summarize my year :) January - July has been devoted to many things - even at this stage of WoD expansion. I leveled and mastered few classes that I didn't play before. A fire mage, a combat rogue, a shadow priest and a brewmaster monk. It was … Continue reading One More Year In WoW

Thoughts On New Warcraft Expansion: Legion

So, the expansion was announced yesterday - you can watch the whole presentation at Blizzard websites of course. What have we got? Two words: FANSERVICE EXPANSION Seriously, guys. We could assume that Blizzard would listen to the players, especially after big sub losses, but they made it up to eleven. You want demon hunters class, … Continue reading Thoughts On New Warcraft Expansion: Legion

New Expansion: What Are The Odds?

There really were many speculations in the web about the new expac. The most thriving versions were: Azshara and South Seas Zul'Again (which could be a part of the previous one, as in Pandaria) Council of Glades - Medivh/Sylvanas storyline Undead v.2 (Bolvar could turn mad) Burning Legion with new planet. Emerald Dream A rational … Continue reading New Expansion: What Are The Odds?

WoD Cinematic and Release Date

Me and some beers, we watched the epic presentation of WoD in yesterday's evening. Many people on the official website were writing comments like: "Quit babbling! Give me the release date and fuck off!". I don't understand a shit about this attitude. Even though Ion, Brian and Chris were talking most of the time about the … Continue reading WoD Cinematic and Release Date

World of Warcraft: How I Got In

Warcraft universe started for me with occasional playing Warcraft II - at both PC and Sony Playstation console. Completely enchanted by the epicness of the events and resemblance to the LotR setting, I got plunged in this world completely. Though I hadn't the chance to devote as much time to the universe as I wanted … Continue reading World of Warcraft: How I Got In