Leveling Up Through Cataclysm: Vash’jir Overview

The next zone of Cataclysm which is both most beautiful and most hated is of course Vash'jir, a piece of sea bottom not far from Stormwind. As you probably waited for Azshara - you won't meet her here. Instead you are involved into a desperate survival questline and help Neptulon and earth shamans to fight … Continue reading Leveling Up Through Cataclysm: Vash’jir Overview


Leveling Up in Cataclysm

All my last 2 weeks were devoted to leveling up my 4 chars through Cataclysm. I will make my usual story-posts for this content (for history sakes), but I still think that this expansion's quests are a disaster with each next char and it was really a torture.  While storylines are interesting and epic enough, … Continue reading Leveling Up in Cataclysm