It’s Mayday

The weekend of Labor Day was devoted to many-many things.




Micromantica went to visit Karazhan!

She had a pair of quests there: covering the bag-making for Tailoring, and getting a toy.

Bags are useless, because they are worse than Draenor’s, still I got this covered. Now I need to learn only the legendary craft recipe, and my Legion tailoring list will be complete – if not for 3-star ranks.

The toy is precious. It’s a cube which you can launch and watch every Legion cinematic – much like your Draenei/Troll historian for Draenor cinematics in your Garrison. It’s awesome that it pops on demand, you don’t have to go anywhere to relive the memories. The starting quest item drops from Chronomatic Anomaly in The Nighthold with great chance.

The dungeon itself went nice. I went with two different PuGs, and we’ve blasted through all the bosses. We even earned an extra achievement on our way. There was a pair of delays: of course I wanted to see the pictures from Medivh past! Even if I know his story well. And then I got lost a bit, because people ran forward. Still, the PuG was nice, and they even returned for me once. And there also was a strange thing when we got to figure out that spider web is actually a stair you could climb, so this time two of us were confused and lost: it was like a portal leads to a dead end.

Reputation Grind

On weekends I manage to clear the emissary lists on all toons, and with flights it’s a mere pleasure. My goal is Exalted with every faction, and I’m on a finishing line now. I’m not working on Legionfall now, because I want to get its rep through weekly plot quests.


  • Cyan is Revered
  • Blue is Honored
  • Green is Friendly

And I’m already starting to hit Exalted.

Hidden Appearances


Backston suddenly discovered that she could simply buy a raven crossbow hidden thing for her Marksmanship! All you need is just Revered with Farondis.

Mayluna hit Exalted with Dreamweavers, and bought a hidden appearance for Balance… although it apparently requires a second element which I will have to grind at Darkheart Thicket ever since.


Yeah, so I finally went for LFR after my big pause. Ran The Nighthold on a pair of toons – Backston got two tier pieces, woop! And I also went for Emerald Nightmare to grind the mogging – no luck. It’s not that I didn’t get any loot – I didn’t get the loot that I wanted.



Yeah, so Anibell quickly finished the Un’Goro questline for Maximillian of Northshire, and upon return to Dalaran she got a letter from him.

The questline is easy enough and pretty hilarious. Yet again it’s Don Quixote thing. Only this time he doesn’t mistake dinosaurs for dragons, but rather crabs and murlocs for demons.



It’s at least understandable, but then he mistakes a goblin in a Dalaran tavern for his dame, so she had to hide from him under mask. I felt sorry for him. So when he became my follower, he was immediately sent into Light Hope’s Asylum for Tragically Insane. No adventures for him.

Older Things

On one evening Micromantica soloed every Mythic dungeon in Draenor and got achievements. It’s very easy nowadays, and you just burn down that cannon on the train with your normal dps. Mark you, I found the lack of content a bit discouraging, but I liked Draenor very much. It’s nice to get back.

It’s time to do heroic runs now and get the achievements.

Yes, it’s most probably my favorite dungeon.







Many Little Things We Do: Trivia

Weekly reputation bonus was nailed during the weekend: each of my toons did 20 quests – and all via emissaries. 5k resource rewards went for order hall upgrades.

Now I can chill out again. I continue the emissary runs, but in a relaxed mode.

Melaris waiting for respawn of Isel the Hammer: “I’m just a fly on the wall” 


Dungeon Experience

I went for a tourist trip in Court of Stars. The PuG was awful. We kicked a healer because he was afk during the first 5 minutes of a dungeon, so we decided we find another.

There comes a pally who is in tank spec, and he would be a second tank till the end of the dungeon. He claims that he can perfectly heal in tanking spec, but he can’t. I’m healing myself through conjured cakes in the breaks, and survive only by Ice Barrier and Ice Block. He doesn’t even bother to heal the mage: I was on a brink of death for 30 seconds.

Yes, he was also the type that squeezes first through a 2-inch aggro-free area, and then blames the others when wandering mobs attack the group.

I really need to stick with my leveling dungeons strategy: if the group cannot kick an asshole, quit myself and do it firmly, no matter how far we’ve traveled into an instance.

Suramar Catacombs went smooth. There was a bear tank which just ran and did his job on the way. You can’t imagine how cool it is. He doesn’t try to squeeze himself into narrow parts. If we could jump and avoid killing the whole room, we do it. But if we must pass a corridor, there won’t be squeezing around the corners. He just aggroes the packs, and we do our job. And bosses popped like rotten tomatoes. This was probably the best run ever.

I’ve queued to Karazhan too, but it was my bad. I was called to enter the dungeon when I was riding a manasaber during the world quest. When I took the last mana spot, I accepted the invitation, and something went wrong. I got teleported into a Karazhan library room or something, there was no one around, and there were mobs on both sides which means the group mates haven’t been here yet. The mana worms killed me, although I took few with me. When I rezzed, I got into some ruined staircase (probably the beginning of the dungeon), and after a small run over a balcony I saw the guys starting an opera event. There was no way I could reach them in time or even search for the right way, so I quit. Until next time.


NOT running raids disturbs me a bit. I seriously need to brace myself and go for mogging slots. Due to my reputation runs I’ve abandoned every raiding activity for several weeks already. Not cool.


I devoted some time to exploration achievements: there was a hunt for rares and a hunt for treasure chests. So far it’s Stormheim rares, Val’sharah rares and chests, and Azsuna chests. More work to do :)

I like how this exploration takes you to different unusual places. Just take a look at the gorgeous corrupted underwater in Val’sharah:


Anyways, it’s very fun, and it’s much more exciting to do with wings – that’s why I’ve put the achievements aside before I got my flights :)

Trivia: Routines and Legendaries

It’s the first weekend of my routined, relaxed gameplay. Let’s see.


Didn’t bother this week except a single run. Then an idea dawned on me on Sunday night: I could buy 500 rep tokens! I still have Shao Hao and Shado-Pan assault long from completion on Micromantica. So, granted that tokens are account-bound, I may need to run the Pandaria dungeons next time. Meanwhile I would spend the tokens I’ve already got. By the way, these two reputations are my last to fill the whole rep achievement bar:


World Quests

Yeah: routines! I’ve picked up the pace.

  • The important thing is not to try and do the emissary for every toon.
  • The important thing is not to get tired or exhaust yourself.
  • The important thing is to do only emissaries, not every quest available.
  • The important thing is to pick a toon you want to play at the moment.

You wait for raid, you run emissary quests. You have half an hour, you run emissary quests. It’s easy and enjoyable. Just don’t think of them as of obligatory things. You’re not in a hurry, you’ll be there Exalted.

And like with Nightfallen, once you start doing emissary quests, the reputations are completed in no time. The speed of leveling reputations is actually frightening. Well, if you don’t expect them to be done in three days and then fall into despair,

My chart has color codes for reputation numbers: orange for friendly, green for honored, blue for revered. And my chart is very quickly becoming blue nowadays.

The Nighthold

Yes, it’s on farm. People are still struggling with Gul’dan – which requires several wipes – but all in all the rest of the raid is completed pretty smoothly.

The full runs are very exhausting, and the real reasons for this are Botanist and Elisande. Their encounters are easy, i don’t even remember a single wipe, and player deaths are very very rare. It’s just they are ridiculously long and tiresome. After Athenaeum wing I don’t even feel like doing anything else and need a break.

I hope we have at least two or three months for this raid – it would be nice to get 7.2. not earlier than May. I’m constantly feeling whipped by Blizzard to run and run during this expansion – like a horse at an obstacle race. I don’t have any time for extra activities. Yes, I have many alts, but my time’s got to be compensated with not running any freaking dungeons which other people do. I’m not happy with patch delivering speed this time.


I don’t get the overall madness with shinies. The player obsession with them seems like… religious. Legendary this, legendary that, let’s run a thousand mythics a week to get them! And you barely could wear 2 by now.

I’m not excited with them – at all. You can’t wear many. You can’t collect all, and it’s useless if you did – you can’t wear everything. It doesn’t even alter you ilvl for more than 1-2 points. And they are not really suited for all specs – which means you should wear a heap of replaceable items. It’s partly justified with tank – heal – dps roles, but when my warlock gets a shiny where she doesn’t benefit in two other specs? And the whole random thing – these shinies don’t even feel earned.

All of my toons have one or two. Most of them came either from emissary chests, some off LFRs. But do I care about shinies? Not a tiny bit I don’t. We are powerful in the field and smash the mobs, we provide decent contribution in LFR.

I guess shinies in their current state are more of an annoyance than profit. I’m not excited about them, and if tomorrow they would suddenly be replaced by current LFR items – I would just shrug and say “OK”.

Melaris Plays RTS

Melaris the Demon Hunter is farming Lunarfall mine and herb garden daily to level her professions. Suddenly she decided to make her Garrison cosy. And she ordered a construction!


All the construction sites active, it looked like you’ve ordered bildings in Warcraft II or Warcraft III :)


Bons has discovered cool options for Fury Warriors I’ve never thought of. You could have some real fun when dual-wielding – and fighting – with staves and spears!



Footman of N’zoth


Popsicle Enforcer


It was quite a night :)


Trivia: Adventures and Misadventures

Many things have happened during the weekend besides my Royal Athenaeum runs. I’ll list the events and thoughts in no particular order.

Love Is Not In The Air

… again. Today’s morning was my last run this year for the love rokkit. No luck – and it’s been 5 days runs, not so much this year due to my circumstances. I’ll try to farm Brewfest and Hallows End properly.

By the way, what’s this piece of an idiot restriction for how many queues you may queue during an hour? Say, the dungeon cooldown goes off at 10 a.m. and at 10:40 I’m supposed to go to work. 40 minutes is just enough to run all my 12 alts through the holiday dungeon, but no. Blizzard would not let you queue after 10th alt. Well, you may queue, and even get an invitation to the group, but then you’ll be constantly tossed out of the dungeon – because ‘you’ve queued too much’. You’re in a group, and you can’t get teleported to the dungeon. You have to wait 20 extra minutes, and only then this personal cooldown wears off. Why would Blizzard care if I wanted to run 50 alts one after another? It’s just stupid.


As long as Microfury has her Affliction and Destruction artifact weapons at 35 traits, I was putting AP points into Demonology weapon. Not to switch specs every time during my Insurrection questline, I’ve decided to give it a try for the first time in the expansion (I’ve tried a Demonology warlock up to level 20 during Hearthstone event).

Legion’s Demonology appeared to be quite nice. I think that d-warlocks are weeping for nothing considering spec changes in Legion. Demon form frankly suits demon hunters much better – ever since Warcraft 3 it’s been their thing, not warlocks’. Summoning dozens of minions is so much more immersing and fun!

The only Demonology drawback is that demons have pretty dark models, so it’s hard to detect them in battle at a first glance. To fully feel the power of a Demonologist, you must actually see the armies you’ve summoned. If you miss to notice them, it’s just you’re looking at the panel mostly, and enemy somehow dies. Not so much fun. So I may stick to flashy mortar Destruction, or evil soul ripping Affliction. But I’ve positively learned the spec and could switch to it if I wish so. This is a good thing.

Valar’jar Transmog

Both good and bad things happened :) Micromantica has finished the Odyn’s quest for transmog yesterday as a cloth champion. She was already anticipating the new outfit she will wear – Trials of Valor has this awesome dark blue set for cloth guys, perfectly fitting all mage specs. Simple, but strictly elegant.

She did a small daily, got her last 4 (of 1000) soul shards, and won Odyn to claim her reward from him. She unpacked the parcel with hands shaking, and then…


She got those models, but it’s a brown recolor set which you get from Trials of Valor Normal raid.

So more ToV it is for cloth girls *sob*


My guildies looked for a tank, and I’ve decided to give my paladin Anibell a test-drive: I’ve never tanked a group content before with paladin.

It went pretty smooth, although we had few occasional deaths. I’m pretty confident about paladin tanking now, and I got some transmog items from Cataclysm dungeons too.

But it was exhausting. Despite the 875 relic from the chest (which went to replace Ashbringer’s 825), I’m not ready for 5 dungeon runs in a row. I felt like I would better run an LFR or something – totally not worth it considering gear.

Go a dungeon, get 500 tokens, switch to another alt for another 500 tokens, get Timewalking mounts, transmog and toys eventually – that’s your Timewalking tactics.


Everyone was so excited about the Spirit of E’chero, and I was hesitating if I want to do it this week or let it go until next time.

A post from AnnInWonderland did the thing. She wrote that it took her only 2 hours – that I could do! Besides I had those two hours until my wife finished watching a movie so that we could watch another one together.

Micromantica the Explorer got her quest, rolled up her sleeves, and we started digging.

Long story short, it took her one-and-a-half hour.


Archaeology is what I do since it was first introduced. I’ve got all achievements up to Pandaria, almost all pristine solves from Draenor, and now I tried Legion Archaeology for the first time in the expansion.

It’s perfect.

While all the other professions are a mess – even Cooking and First Aid – I would give a medal to the guy who designed Archaeology in Legion.

Those bigger week projects are amazing. They give just the goal to dig much – and with the major quest progress digging doesn’t feel too grindy. While on the quest, you would easily collect the pristine objects – I had four of five Highmountain pristine solves while I was hunting for E’chero’s bone:


And look at this room too. Finally the objects are neatly organised and there’s a sensible number of them: 5 for every race.

I’m gonna do Archaeology projects every week now – not only I like it from the very beginning, but it’s also so good in Legion. Yet one more thing set right in this expansion.

Fun Fact: Thalyssra’s Toes

I don’t know if you have to be a Gnome to notice this, but Microfury did and took a picture:


Look at her toenails omg :) I guess Shal’dorei are closer to Kal’dorei then, their bestial roots.

Btw, my highlight Legion NPC is Valtrois. She’s awesome :)

Legendary Shower

It was possibly the most productive weekend considering goddamn random we all love.

I have got FOUR legendary items during my playing sessions.

One came from Dreamweaver chest (a ring for Mage), one came from Kirin Tor chest (wrists for Rogue).

And probably it was the Hour of the Bear yesterday.

Ursoc dropped one after another:

  1. Legendary pants for my warlock
  2. Legendary wrists for my death knight
  3. Hidden appearance for my hunter.


Mage’s Dreamweaver chest was remarkable in several ways.

First, it’s a legendary thing which is cool (and now I must hurry to upgrade my order hall to wear both legendary rings).

Second… it’s Sephuz!!! It’s the most memetic legendary item, so I was bound to have at least one. I mean, the whole expansion was in vain without Sephuz. I’m so glad I have it now!

Third, Dreamweavers were the last faction for Micromantica to reach Exalted. Technically, I’ve also killed one more elite to make me Warden Exalted, but Dreamweavers lacked this 1500 rep. Broken Isles reputations now nailed for one toon. I’m not sure if I will play perfectionist’s every-toon-exalted, or just do the profession specific factions for other alts. Anyways, it’s not just a grind, it’s money, AP, resources, gear and what not. So I don’t feel it like a waste of time.


We’re deep into Suramar campaign, and gaining reputation in huge scales.


Not very much is left till 20k rep where I can do the last chapter – A Change of Seasons. Once you sit with your alt and play for at least 30 minutes, you’ve progressed for a 1000 – and with very enjoyable awards. So, the Suramar project will take only 2 weeks more.

The chart also is about a progress of my artifact weapons. Like planned, I’m leveling my main DPS ones to 35, then I switch to the others to make them 35 as well. And then I’ll proceed upgrading my main weapons. That’s the plan.


I’m just widely enjoying the looks of all traits covered.


There was a tense course of events all pressed into yesterday session.

Paitsu got a hidden appearance for her artifact, the monk’s keg! I’ve been hunting this for a month – you need a functioning brewery as an order hall trait. Then you check the big keg daily for useful buff potions and a possible proc of hidden appearance. The hidden keg appeared to be too big and ridiculously dangling, so I will stick with the class campaign one.

Mayluna heard a noise in Emerald Dream, and she got the first stone for the hidden kitty appearance. Mark you, I don’t like the owl kitties, but I’m such a completionist…

Melaris the Demon Hunter did an emissary quest for Nightfallen, and the chest contained the letter which seems to be the quest chain for a fox mount! Now her followers are happily running the required missions. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Aurinko the Priest also got something from an emissary chest, and it was her first Legendary item – a ring! The Legion has granted me three legendary things so far: a ring for the mage, a ring for the priest, and a belt for the paladin. All came from emissary chests of different factions.

The most gameplay time was spent doing the emissary quest for Suramar on every alt except Micromantica (she’s good). That meant 44 quests in whole, and I ran them very fast. There was a great boost in reputation: from 2-3k honored to 6-9k honored in one evening for every alt. Some things and upgrades dropped too. Of course it was worth it.

From now on, I’m focusing on completing the available Good Suramaritan questlines on my alts asap. While on emissary quests, I’ve noticed that some quests are not available for certain alts who haven’t completed the corresponding storylines yet. So you just have less choice: you may miss the cool rewards, and you may have to do more tedious and long quests for emissary. I’m playing through the questlines anyways, and it’s actually the highest alt priority, but I must try even harder now. Raids and everything could wait.

So, it’s Suramar for me on the weekend :) How are your days?


The barrage begins… now!


Micromantica, my flagship ‘main’, is extremely enjoying the main Suramar questline, as it opens more and more stories when she makes some reputation progress. The lessons of Krasarang are well-learned and finally put in use since patch 5.1.

I even put half of a questline on hold till the next day to savor the lore.

Micromantica ran her first heroic dungeon – Black Rook Hold. It was fun! The encounters were easy enough for the group to work through them. I had only a few seconds to peep into dungeon journal just before bosses to learn the major mechanics, and I didn’t fail. Funny thing: after an Illidari boss, me, the other dps and the healer jumped to the ground floor and couldn’t find our way back. So our tank had to return for us and lead us again. The dungeon is extremely labirinthy. You could wander there for ages on your own.

She got a 830 belt and effectively wasted 7k garrison resources to improve her Class Hall items 810 -> 830. I guess all I need is to find a third artifact relic, and I’m good for the first LFR. Either way, I’ll be running heroic dungeons for achievement.

I got a quest from Class Order Hall which sends me to mythic Eye of Azshara. They say it will enhance the power my artifact, and I’m eager to learn how.

Auction prices for cloth are finally reasonable, so I bought a pair of silk stacks and completed the next quest for Tailoring – you need to craft the basic Legion things. Guess what? The next quest asks me to craft some very-very old items in presence of the quest giver. Items from Vanilla and WotLK! How cool is that? The idea is awesome, because long-forgotten recipes are still relevant!

The Pawn Move

The Pawn Move is a term I’ve invented myself. Imagine a first move of your chess pawn one square forward to gain initiative and establish a position.

In WoW, whatever you do – you must move your alts to at least 101 level. It will take you completing approximately half of the first zone – 1-2 hours at most.

Then you can set them in their order halls, and they begin to use mission tables to upgrade artifacts and followers with 2 minutes of your attention daily. It’s the most important thing now.

I’m glad to report that the last two of my toons made that step: Paitsu yesterday, and Microfury today. Now I’m logging in 12 garrisons daily. AP levels, character experience and follower experience grow very fast. The rewards are really, really meaningful at this stage.

Do it. Make the Pawn Move for your alts, and then you are free to prepare you main for raids or whatever it does. Once you want to grab your alt, you’ll find it at artifact level 7 and a level or two up. And your leveled followers will not gate you from completing order hall campaign later on.


My tanking warrior gnome Bons is likely to be my focus in the coming couple of days. She just dinged 109, she has the final battle in Highmountain left, and then she will burst through Val’sharah storyline to complete her leveling and become my second 110.