It’s Mayday

The weekend of Labor Day was devoted to many-many things. Karazhan! Micromantica went to visit Karazhan! She had a pair of quests there: covering the bag-making for Tailoring, and getting a toy. Bags are useless, because they are worse than Draenor's, still I got this covered. Now I need to learn only the legendary craft … Continue reading It’s Mayday


Trivia: Routines and Legendaries

It's the first weekend of my routined, relaxed gameplay. Let's see. Timewalking Didn't bother this week except a single run. Then an idea dawned on me on Sunday night: I could buy 500 rep tokens! I still have Shao Hao and Shado-Pan assault long from completion on Micromantica. So, granted that tokens are account-bound, I may … Continue reading Trivia: Routines and Legendaries