Good Suramaritan: Check

Today's morning Lizgun the Hunter was the last toon to complete the Good Suramaritan chapter. And it's perfect timing too. Tomorrow I'm heading off to my vacation, and no playing is planned during my trip - as usual. It's good to leave with a big thing done. Completing Good Suramaritan on all of my toons … Continue reading Good Suramaritan: Check


Winter Holidays in WoW

It was quite a week :) As you probably know, the winter holidays in Russia normally last 8-10 days. We have New Year celebration which is arguably the most important holiday in the year (with families, parties, presents, Santa and all), and a calm spiritual orthodox Christmas on 7th which is a national holiday too. … Continue reading Winter Holidays in WoW

Leyline Bling Achievement Guide

Today we are talking about Leyline Bling achievement. The achievement requires you to open leyline feeds for Shal'Aran - the Nightfallen base. The result of opening all the feeds is: Great advance of reputation with Nightfallen Increased mana drop - you need the mana to fuel the withered scenario, feed the NPC and submit big … Continue reading Leyline Bling Achievement Guide

Suramar Finished: What’s Next?

Yesterday I've experienced the last bit of Suramar campaigns. The chapter felt way unfinished, even granted the further storyline coming at us. I've expected the junkies make some progress to their current state and be prepared for assault on Suramar, but it's apparently yet to come. Suramar will get its own review post, but all … Continue reading Suramar Finished: What’s Next?