Nova Covert Ops – Chapter I

It was a bit sad to say goodbye to Starcraft universe after we were done with Legacy of the Void (although Blizzard did EVERYTHING that we came to the finish exhausted and bored from LotV - have you destroyed three pillars?). Yet presenting more stories within the universe is quite an obvious step from Blizzard. Many … Continue reading Nova Covert Ops – Chapter I


Starcraft II – Legacy of the Boredom: Opinion

Spoiler Alert: this blog post contains an immense amount of spoilers for Stacraft II: Legacy of the Void. You have been warned! ======================== And so, yesterday in the middle of the night I have finished the Starcraft saga. This time it's arch enemy, cosmology, revelation, happy end and of course Protoss. The focus of this Starcraft II … Continue reading Starcraft II – Legacy of the Boredom: Opinion