Class Specs in Legion 7.2.5.

As I'm exploring the least played specs - due to investing the artifact power in them, it's time to revise my thoughts and feelings about them. Legion is encouraging me to try every spec which I do, so by the end of expansion I'm becoming a natural in each and every of them. I'm quite … Continue reading Class Specs in Legion 7.2.5.


Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do

Insurrection Completion & Further Plans My Insurrection project comes to an end. I have 2 toons left to complete this questline. Melaris the Demon Hunter is today at step 9 (final), and Mayluna the Druid has completed the second and last intermission of 5 order hall missions, so she's ready to whoosh through steps 7-9 … Continue reading Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do