Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!

Blizzard is finally out of dead silence, and there begins a shower of news. Alpha access is ready to arrive during this week to check out the first Bastion zone leveling and corresponding dungeon. Torghast and 1-50 leveling is also coming in April. With that, players will naturally get an access to the updated classes … Continue reading Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!


WoW Shadowlands: Let’s Go to Hell!

So, as the Blizzcon dust settles, it's time to take a good look at the expansion features and lore. Starting with lore of course :) LORE My major concern and hostility towards the new expansion is of course the cinematic. My major "no" is villain introduction. It required an extra machinima to show him, and … Continue reading WoW Shadowlands: Let’s Go to Hell!