PTR: Day 2. Mogging, Shaman, Hunter and Mage

Today was the second day at PTR, and I've managed to try some new things. First, they've fixed transportation system. So I've been able to go to Ashran for mogging vendor and Orgrimmar. I could give a full review of the new mogging system now. It's quite convenient actually. There's a window of your character … Continue reading PTR: Day 2. Mogging, Shaman, Hunter and Mage


Schlitzchen – Totemic Exile of Kezan

That's a tricky name for an English reader at a first glance. Nevertheless, it's pronounced quite easily: ['ʃlits'hen]. It's composed from two parts: 'Schlitz' (means "slot") in German and "-chen" (as in "hen") is the German feminine word ending (like in "Mädchen" - "girlie"). The name is an obvious hint for the most defining role which she … Continue reading Schlitzchen – Totemic Exile of Kezan