Trivia: Argus Campaign

Revising my Argus campaign progress as the 4th week on Argus hits us. Alors, Legend Violet - Exalted & counting Blue - Revered Green - Honored Orange - Friendly VJ, DW, FR, NF, AL, AR - Valarjar, Dreamweavers, Farondis, Nightfallen, Army of Light, Argussian Reach Tomb - creatures to kill for completing LFR mogging set … Continue reading Trivia: Argus Campaign


Trivia: Slow Down

It's Monday, and it's time to revise my week. As for reputations, the progress rolls as it should: May 22 May 29 I've decided I slow down now. Every day I'll be doing only those emissaries and those toons which are not Exalted yet. When I'm there, I'll assign the "mount teams" to factions, and … Continue reading Trivia: Slow Down

Patch 7.2. Expectations, Rep Grind and The Nighthold

Patch 7.2. will presumably dawn on us very-very soon, and here are the signs: PvP season comes to an end. I know nothing about PvP, but a season end usually indicates new patch. Blizzard posted big previews of the new dungeon and the new activities on the Broken Shore Finally, all my alts got a … Continue reading Patch 7.2. Expectations, Rep Grind and The Nighthold

Winter Holidays in WoW

It was quite a week :) As you probably know, the winter holidays in Russia normally last 8-10 days. We have New Year celebration which is arguably the most important holiday in the year (with families, parties, presents, Santa and all), and a calm spiritual orthodox Christmas on 7th which is a national holiday too. … Continue reading Winter Holidays in WoW