Patch 7.2. Release Date

Date Announced: Oh Sh**t

It is done: we return to Broken Shore on March 29 – the next week.

It’s too early, definitely too early. Reputations are long from completion, and I’ve barely run The Nighthold once or twice with my toons save collecting class sets.

The waves of content are not your soothing beach type, they are effing tsunami which overwhelms me.

I’m not happy with the schedule. Blizzard are crazy.


Cinematic is nice, but it sets so many questions!

First of all, I like the classes council – I think it looks very much like homage to LotR council at Elrond’s. I like how representatives of Order Halls are there.

The most interesting moment here is Kil’Jaeden. It is very intriguing as he sees the corrupted Argus as… a sacrifice. And he even has a sort of clash with Sargeras himself!

So, the highest rank demon is suddenly not that loyal? He’s not just your evil Satan type which only wants to spill blood and burn? Could he turn good when we defeat him?

His heel-to-face turn would be the most mind-blowing twist ever. Archimonde ended his days as an evil merciless sorcerer, all devout to Legion cause, using his last drop of strength to send Gul’dan to Azeroth for Legion to prevail.

But could man’ari eredar renounce Legion and… join us for the greater cause of restoring Argus?

Isn’t it all very, very interesting!


Legion Release Date Announced

Okay, obviously all bloggers must post their opinion on the release date announcement, so here’s mine :)

Every WoW player has their own understanding of progress and has his/her own goals. That is why the perception of release date is always subjective, depending on how much there’s left to do or how tired you are already.

I must say that August, 30 is near to perfect timing for me. At the end of Pandaria I was desperately trying to collect all LFR sets for my 10-then toons. I’ve almost completed this goal, but it was a raiding rush, and I was not “done” with Pandaria when Warlords were launched.

This time there’s no rush.

Before Legion I must complete these goals:

  • Collect all Argent Tournament mounts bound to daily quest tokens – Horde and Alliance. I got most of them already, so I’m talking May or June now.
  • I have a Fire Mage and a Combat Rogue who need to complete their Epic Rings and suit up at HFC. Most probable to be done by the beginning of July, as they’re messing up with Blackrock Foundry runes quest now.
  • Explore all the map, leaving no blank spots for any of my toons. I like exploring, I like when my maps are complete. Considering exploration, I’m a perfectionist. In Legion it will serve another purpose: you will possibly have to travel to older parts of the world to do some quests and missions. It doesn’t take too much time, not with flights, so there’s not much left now. By all means the goal will be completed.
  • Finish some extra reputations – it’s 77 out of 81 now.

I don’t think that mount farming should be thrown in the list, because it’s mere random.

I guess we should wait for pre-patch a month prior Legion release, so I have archaeology and pet battle projects saved for the lazy July.

So, what are your personal goals before Legion? And how does the release date sound to you? :)