The Worst Thing in Legion Expansion

No, it's not flight delays, or AP grind, or class revamps, or dungeons, or even Nomi. It's "legendary" gear. That's right. It's the worst addition in a game ever. And the word "legendary" is coming in quote marks - for a reason. Writing this post was triggered by a post in a guild chat - "It's … Continue reading The Worst Thing in Legion Expansion


Professions in Legion: Issues & Solutions

TL;DR: they are useless :) Not even one expansion before has been that hard on professions. Yes, even then-blamed Draenor, with all the work orders and all. We are three months into expansion. My alts have all the range of professions, including Goblin and Gnome Engineering fork. And you know what? Most of them are … Continue reading Professions in Legion: Issues & Solutions