Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – New Things & Routines

Again it was a very busy weekend. But I'm almost ready for August invasions now. All the New Things It seems I'm good with what pre-patch brought us: I've acquired most class-specific toys, glyphs and abilities. Some of them are appearing once in a while, and people could buy it out. So I will have to return … Continue reading Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – New Things & Routines


Legion Pre-Patch 7.0 Date Announced: What’s Coming?

There - an official confirmation from Blizzard. July, 19 for US and July, 20 for EU region. Yeah, we are always having our patches and everything on Wednesdays :) So, what's gonna be on July, 20 in the pre-patch? And what you're gonna do before it's too late? Wardrobe That's hell of a thing. I … Continue reading Legion Pre-Patch 7.0 Date Announced: What’s Coming?