Trivia: Routines and Legendaries

It's the first weekend of my routined, relaxed gameplay. Let's see. Timewalking Didn't bother this week except a single run. Then an idea dawned on me on Sunday night: I could buy 500 rep tokens! I still have Shao Hao and Shado-Pan assault long from completion on Micromantica. So, granted that tokens are account-bound, I may … Continue reading Trivia: Routines and Legendaries


The Nighthold: A Peep into Arcing Aqueducts

A what?.. Obviously I ran the first LFR wing yesterday - Arcing Aqueducts. To do so, I sent Microfury, my warlock, who has recently rediscovered the joys of Affliction spec and thus needed to test them in raid environment. It went pretty chaotic. We wiped at Skorpyron once because tanks were dead in an instant, … Continue reading The Nighthold: A Peep into Arcing Aqueducts