Leveling in Legion: A Hell or A Bliss?

As I've dinged my first 110 in the weekend, it's time to talk about leveling process in Legion. The route for my first toon to level was clockwise: Azsuna - Val'sharah - Highmountain - Stormheim. I've done all the main storylines and tried to complete fill-the-bar quests too. I did the corresponding dungeons  - the … Continue reading Leveling in Legion: A Hell or A Bliss?


Legion: My First Impressions

I will be quick today, just mentioning the general highlights of the first launch days. There's so much stuff in Legion that I will need separate posts for most aspects. Besides, I have many yet to discover and explore. TL;DR - the new expansion looks and feels like work on the mistakes, and a successful … Continue reading Legion: My First Impressions

Leveling Experiment: Full Throttle

So, as long as I need a priest for the new Feat of Strength coming in Legion, I've started one yesterday. Guess what? She's 25 today. Yesterday's morning: 1-8 (Teldrassil) Yesterday's evening: 8-20 (Teldrassil finished, 2 quests in Loch Modan, Wailing Caverns) Today's morning: 20-25 (3 quest hubs in Wetlands) Everything is already known about … Continue reading Leveling Experiment: Full Throttle

Just A Screenshot Post

Name: Klaari Race: Draenei Class: Elemental Shaman Professions: Blacksmithing/Mining As I promised, there is a small post with pictures. Klaari hit lv 10 and more, and earned her first photoshoot session :=) I forgot how much I like leveling at small levels. Each quest gives you something new and nice to wear, and you ding … Continue reading Just A Screenshot Post