Antorus Sets & Leveling

I will start the post with my next step towards Legion goals.

Baisa the Hunter was not lucky this week – literally no drops during her raid run. Compensated by Schlitzchen the Shaman: she finished both chainmail sets, and without extra coin drops!



Well done, and no more Antorus runs for them both :) Legion is officially on standby mode for Baisa and Schlitzchen, waiting for the next expansion.

My next goal is plate armor toons – Oulu, Backston and Anibell have not so many items left to farm. And then to catastrophic leather-armored: for example, Paitsu the Monk has only two items so far.

As planned, those items that are trash-drops only will be skipped. Luckily these are just wrists for a Death Knight and for a Druid – which don’t influence the looks at all.


The notable events happened in Ghostlands with Arkeona, the Nightborne Rogue. First of all, I did some cool screenshots and recalled Warcraft III experience :)


Yet again, and I never cease saying that, these are not merely background – but the buildings with a meaning. Could be that I built that ziggurat myself, carving Arthas’ path to Sunwell! These ziggurats, the soul-collecting buildings, serve as farms for Undead army (enhancing the number of units you may have), and could also be upgraded to serve as the main defensive building for the Scourge. This crystal appears above the building when you arm it, and it’s ready to fire at every approaching enemy, hurling the howling spirits at hostile forces.

Guys, playing earlier RTS does enhance your WoW experience!

Second, I came across amusing Amani trolls models:


Just look at their faces! I know that there’s a huge difference between top-notch today’s models, but these do have a certain charm, and are kinda unique. There were also some interesting high elves.

This model is also exactly inherited from Warcraft 2 RTS. Back then I thought that trolls are red-faced, and wear some sort of a jumpsuit. It appeared to be a warpaint :)

Third – I failed to do the last quest of the zone, and this would be my first time in the revamped 7.3.5. when I came across a real difficulty. It requires killing a major villain, and the quest actually advises you to gather a mob of 5 people.

Yes, it’s impossible for a rogue to do that solo. I’ve cleared the trash in his room dying 2 times, and even if the boss was now alone, and all my resources and cooldowns fully charged, it was merely impossible. He had some 52k, and my best shot was leaving him with 29k. I may have struggled with a hunter or a warlock, but it’s not an option for a rogue. Shame :)

I’ll return later when I’m really above him by my level. It’s a vendetta now :) I remember having that sort of a thing with my fire mage, who couldn’t kill a werewolf boss in Grizzly Hills – I returned after 20 levels to finish the job. Now it’s personal :)

For all the leveling toons, several more zones are covered, and I’m closing in to 50. I really need to queue the dungeons, as zones grant 2-4 levels now. I’m already eager to go into the next expansions to level, and much yet to be completed.


Trivia: A Streak of Achievements

It was quite a week of my vacation devoted to WoW mostly. And I’ve advanced significantly on my way in different directions. Let’s talk one by one.


No mount this year – again. 13 tries daily, and no result. People advise to just quit trying any holiday mount! Not my thing, it provides some distraction from routines, so I’ll be running it and Halloween nevertheless.

For the Lunar Festival, there are 3 new toys which allow you to make a chinese festival dragon with your friends, and four awesome wreaths as a holiday attire.


I’m not sure I’ll be farming them all, but at least I did one wreath :)

Raids and Mogging

I had some free time to drive all my classes through Antorus. I’m glad to report that mogging slots get gradually covered. This is just awesome how every next earned item means less runs and less bosses every next week.

And lo! I’ve collected the missing two items for my priest:


This means that all my cloth toons are now officially on standby mode! Their job in raids of Legion is done. Faari, Micromantica, Faerella and Aurinko are enjoying their well deserved rest from the hard campaign.

Myde, the new leveling mage, will still run Antorus when she gets there, but merely for ilvl sakes. I think I would drive her to 915-925, and this is gonna be it. I just want her to be on the same level as my other toons for pre-patch.

Long Term Achievements

Of course my cloth girls happen to have another goals to do. There’s Archaeology and Fishing acheievements to complete for Micromantica. There’s 20000 eyes to farm in Underbelly for Faerella (she has 8500 on her now).

Yet I devoted a pair of hours to farming goals already. 5000 Argus demons were slain, and 5000 saberon claws collected in Tanaan. The thing is that you don’t acquire them little by little, no. One great effort, and you close the achievement which would not loom over your head ever since.

Now I have a scarlet butt Pumbaa:



And of course, there is leveling of my four new Allied Races. I happen to push them forward equally: they are now at 37-39. If it were just one toon, it would already be mid-Draenor.

It’s dungeon queueing while questing, and it’s pretty fast if you are really into it. For example, Kalaari the Paladin, upon finishing a quest hub in the morning without dungeon runs, is up by 2 levels.

I’m totally enjoying the leveling pace and variety, along with mob scaling. An option to return to Loch Modan after Arathi is awesome. By 40th level, I will have another gorgeous choice of zones, and neither of my 4 toons will have to re-run the same zones on their way to the top. And at 60, they will split to Outland and Northrend!

My toons have just entered their new zones, and their leveling rolls as such:

Myde, 38: Duskwood – Redridge – Northern Stranglethorn, entered Southern Stranglethorn

Kalaari, 39: Wetlands – Arathi – Loch Modan, entered Eastern Plaguelands

Arkeona, 38: Hillsbrad – Arathi – Hinterlands, entered Western Plaguelands

Jammu, 37: Ashenvale – Desolace, entered Feralas


I presume there should be a couple of zones for each of my toons until 58-60, and they will be chosen due to character lore attunement:

Arkeona, as an assassin and a spyblade, will solve Western Plaguelands and most probably issues in Burning Steppes. Then she continues to Outland, craving to go to Terokkar and Nether.

Jammu will continue enjoying the wonders of Kalimdor and learning about Tauren druids. Her plan are the lush grounds of Feralas and Un’Goro, then she will go and see Taunka in Borean Tundra!

Kalaari will do the paladin cause in Eastern Plaguelands, then she travels to Blasted Lands and continue to Outland to see her draenei homeland.

Myde will explore the troll civilizations in Stranglethorn, then it’s most probably Swamp of Sorrows, followed by Northrend (most likely, Howling Fjord).

I’m having lots of fun at this point of expansion, and I foresee quite relaxed months of enjoyable gameplay :)

P.S.: the yak won’t pass under certain bridges :) You’ll need a detour.


Patch 7.3.5.: Silithus and Leveling

Oh my god, there’s so much to talk about that I actually don’t know where to start!

Let’s go in no particular order.


A minor change, and for Russian players only, but it’s actually very nice.

Previously, Gnome and Dwarf females had the same race indication as males in the above panels. “Гном” & “Дворф” (read as: Gnom & Dvorf). It happened because we don’t actually have the acknowledged female words for these races (like we do with elves, for example). Partly because there were no female gnome and dwarf characters in classic fantasy. But! you could form them according to Russian word formation rules. And they finally did it. “Гномка” & “Дворфийка” (‘Gnomka & Dvor’fiyka) – so now the gnome and the dwarf females have a word gender indication like they should. As a linguist by hobby and by education, I’m too pleased with this.

Now, to something bigger. Literally.



This was freaking huge. I didn’t expect it to be that big! It certainly is a major change in landscape – I only wish the zone was a little bit more filled with stuff, and I hope for more questing to come – at least with pre-patch. From what it looks now, we’ll have a small cutscene considering artifacts, and this is gonna be it.

I liked the questline, it was quick and entertaining, quite logical, and 50 points to Blizzard for introducing gnomes and goblins as your questgivers. I hope the races would play some more major role in the next expac – at least some quest hubs would be nice. All loose ends are finished, and it’s a perfect bridge to the next expansion.

Obviously I did a free fall from the very top of the sword! People already counted that it’s twice big as Mount Everest! And you can’t even see the ground from above, that is really cool.


Patch 7.3.5. Cinematics

As for Alliance & Horde cinematics, nothing describes them better than a photoshopped hilarious picture which collected some enormous amount of likes and reposts in my Twitter. Caption with errative “life” says “Lyfe with Alliance” | “Lyfe without Alliance”:


Yes, that was the main question with me: why the Horde’s celebration table is so… poor and sad? Anyways, I totally bought both characters that were not introduced in cinematics before: Gallywix and Matthias Shaw, they were amazing. And I grow liking Genn more and more.

Leveling and Leveling Dungeons in Patch 7.3.5. 

This is my troll shaman’s happy face:


I’ve leveled through the whole Dustwallow Marsh in full just to understand the new drill with scaling – 5 levels 40 to 45. And it was simply awesome.

Mobs really are dangerous now, you have to fight them and watch your step, you have to care not to aggro too many. And it’s so refreshing!

I mean, do we really need Vanilla now? Because what happens today is a really tough and challenging gameplay. It’s also quite rewarding, because every quest reward item is an upgrade for you, and you don’t feel like you should move on to another zone if you want to do questlines here. Strangely – it’s soothing! You are not in a rush, you feel like you’re right at the place here, so you take your time and just enjoy the scenery and stories. Which is more important, if you’re tired of marshland, you could switch to flooded Needles or deserts of Tanaris, or jungle of Un’Goro, or Silithus sands in a blink! Not to say anything of Eastern Kingdoms. So, to sum it up, you have a really decent choice of leveling options. An overwhelming success.

As for dungeons… lol, you can’t tank with a healer’s back anymore. First, you have an access to low level ones even at your high levels. The first dungeon at my 41 that I did was… Ragefire Chasm. And I actually had to HEAL there. Not just occasional heal, but actually support the tank all the time, or else.

I also did Razorfen dungeon, and a part of Stratholme. At Stratholme, when we occasionally aggroed the sinister pack of zombies without a tank, it was actually quite SCARY as they went upon us, and we knew it meant a wipe.


Immersement is here again. Dungeons are not something you AoE with three people, but an actual challenge. And it’s not the best way of leveling anymore, which also solves the problem of “level to 15 – stand in capital and queue until you’re fit for the current expansion”.

Some people are whining of course. We didn’t finish Stratholme, as half of our group quitted midway. But hey, you all wanted Vanilla, so what’s your problem with having a piece of challenge? I foresee the whining threads at official forums “Paladin fucked hard by three murlocs – watch video without registration and sms!”. All too funny.

I just can’t wait for the new races so that I could play… classic WoW-style, and in the zones of choice.

Bravo, Blizzard.

Legion Catch-Up in January 2018


Hooray! I’m back from New Year vacation, and it’s time to resume blogging and gaming :) And the first topic I would talk of is catching up in Legion with a new toon.

My dwarf fire mage, started in the middle of December, has leveled al the way through from 1 to 110. As usual, it was my normal leveling: mostly doing questlines, running available dungeons once, leveling her professions on the way – at least First Aid, Cooking and her main combo of Alchemy-Herbalism.

A couple of days ago she hit 100 – and rushed into Legion content. With Legion, she performed every zone questing in full, running the four respective dungeons once for Pillars of creation and Alchemy quests. That’s where she dinged 110!

She also did a part of mage campaign available and unlocked her 3rd relic. Her followers now are at miserable 104-106, so there’s much to do yet here. And still, considering catching up…

When you hit 110, you immediately get the maximum artifact knowledge. This means that upon your very first artifact power item after 110 you get this:


“You have enough AP to learn 111 new abilities”.

This, and with some Suramar questing which grants some awful amount of most powerful AP tokens, has brought her weapon to… 66.

Not even some of my properly leveled toons have as much on their main weapons!

Considering armor, she has got 5 cloth tokens which was enough to get her to the very first raid – Emerald Nightmare. And she ran EN – ToV – The Nighthold, getting enough ilvl to enter the next raid upon finishing the first one. I got the first Legendary (not the best one, but 1000 lvl which is important for ilvl) from Odyn. The quick entrance to Broken Shore granted her 400 shards to exchange for a token and get over 850.

Now she has only one wing to complete from The Nighthold, and with her current ilvl 857 it may well be enough to reach Tomb of Sargeras.

Upon reaching 850 she also got an access to Argus. So, with world quests and veiled argunite available… I guess I’ll be running Antorus LFR of 890 access level in no time.

The first day of Legion was Azsuna, Val’sharah and Highmountain along with obtaining artifact weapons and class campaign.

The second day of Legion was Stormheim, enter Suramar and 3 raids which brought me to Antorus.

Guys. No other expansion made catching up that fast. This is amazing :)


Leveling Almost Done

I know I’ve been absent recently, and it was for two good reasons.

Reason one, the last week I spent on tour with my band Svartby through Czech and Poland. The tour was awesome although tiresome, as every journey. It is interesting how every trip to another city or country is a test on my gaming addiction. When I’m at home, WoW is one of my major leisure activities, and it’s always interesting for me to check if I miss the game on my travelling or not, because under no circumstances I take my laptop with me. Yet another test passed: I was glad to return to the game of course, I was glad to run through Azeroth again on my return. But during the trip itself I was quite busy and happy with new impressions and activities, so I didn’t even remember about the game the other day.

Reason two, is that my current gameplay before and after vacation is a long leveling journey for my team of twelve toons. I’m glad to report that leveling business comes to an end now. Let’s see how my chart has filled since before and then talk about it a bit (the picture is clickable):


So, leveling. The big ‘+’ under the zone name means Loremaster, the one beside means Explorer, and the third one is the corresponding Pillar of Creation which requires to complete a dungeon (except Val’sharah). With 120 levels to go for 12 toons in whole, I have done 110.

As you can see, I have each zone to be completed for the last time now. And it’s gonna be a slow ride. Once again I will be reading all the quests like for the first time. I will be saying goodbye to storylines – it was a productive, interesting and compelling journey.

Meanwhile I’m having new goals now upon reaching 110 with my toons.

  1. Artifact Knowledge – I know now that it’s one of the most important things to spend garrison resources at. You must always have an order running. The range between artifact power acquired by Micromantica (AK level 10) and for example Hexen (AK level 5) is frightening. I may want to collect as much Knowledge as possible before even starting to properly do Suramar questlines.
  2. Opening Suramar for World Quests – yes, all the toons need the first two or three questlines to open world questing. World quests are fun, different, fast and very rewarding. So that’s top priority to get my toons busy.
  3. Class Order Hall Campaigns. Also top priority. Not only it gives a nice boost on resources, ilvl, and all, but it’s also a very different lore storyline for every toon.

My main, Micromantica, is still far away from completing Suramar questline. Being at 3000/21000 rep, she got two quests to Suramar dungeons which are Mythic-only, LFG-unavailable ones. This could really, really be a problem. Are they obligatory for Loremaster? Because this bothers me in huge scales.

I’ve completed LFR Emerald Nightmare with her, and I can’t say I was quite moved by the story. I don’t feel like I wanted to fight the bosses in the first place. It’s not my job. It’s a local and very class-specific problem. My druid – yes, she could add this to her duties. And probably it’s also because these ‘out there’ locations seem like they’re not real anyways, just an alternate versions of real locations, and OMG we’ve been fed up with that.

I have many posts planned about Artifact Weapons, leveling zones and everything. Leveling comes to an end for me, and with new routines I’m gonna sum up this experience.

P.S. Not so grindy about the Halloween horse this year. Just an occasional run or two during the day :)


Traditional small thoughts in between the milestones:

  • Nomi was probably tuned a bit, as he granted two recipes for 7 orders to Hexen and one recipe for 4 orders to Melaris. But may be it’s still RNG at work.
  • Sitting at 9k/12k Suramar rep with Micromantica, and yet again saving the main storyline Suramar piece for a slow, relaxed questing evening
  • Not Revered yet with any factions
  • Artifact level: 15
  • Killed a second world boss!
  • Did some world questing in two zones, and wow, this was a significant progress in all of directions
  • I know my main should get more attention. And yet I’m all into toon leveling now
  • No, not boring, although I skip reading most quests of course now. I will read them carefully again when the last toon will do them
  • Scaling and choosing routes and quest hubs is awesome
  • Just want to drive all characters into level cap routines I guess
  • Still savoring dungeon runs for pillars for later on most toons
  • A pair of toons are 104, three are 110, the rest are 106 and up
  • Like I planned, doing quest hubs for whatever character I feel like playing at the moment. I could drop doing a quest hub in the middle and switch to another toon if I feel like it
  • The next goals upon driving them all to 110 would be Suramar campaign, class order hall campaigns, leveling professions and world questing for Artifact Power
  • Raiding really seems like a side dish now, one of many activities to do. And I think it’s good
  • All the 36 artifact weapons are mine, and there will be a blog post coming of course
  • I’m planning a series of posts about zones as well.

Have a nice day!

Legion Alt Management: Chessboard

Playing 12 alts simultaneously, I’ve slowly come up with a plan of their development.

Our goal with alt management is to keep them pushing forward with little effort.

At the same time you keep developing your main, doing reputations, world quests, preparing for raids or whatever you’re up to.

Like at a chessboard, you don’t take out the queen and start jumping across the board. Like in chess, you can take small steps at a time.

The idea is to take one alt and do a small progress, then switch to another. You’re doing a pair of quest hubs, and when you’re tired, you put them in Class Order Hall to do missions – 1 minute per session. So they grow in power while practically doing nothing. But you need to accomplish some significant steps.

Tip 1: It is important that you take your profession quests asap, as they often lead you to a specific zone. Doing so, you won’t have to grind the same areas twice. When you take a profession quest, try to schedule your leveling there along with the main storyline.

Tip 2: Upon leveling, please do and aggro every rare mob, pick every treasure you come across, and by all means complete the fill-the-bar quests within your main storyline. This all means a huge bunch of Order Hall resources which we NEED.

Tip 3: Try to postpone the Pillars acquiring quests in dungeons until later levels. The loot will be better then.

So, our moves then – here’s your guide to alt management in Legion.

The Pawn Move – the first move is taking your pawns one square forward. You take your toons to level 101. Then you will be able to do Order Hall missions. The initiate resources may be enough for a whole week or even two.

Queen Comes Forward – it’s your main. It comes forward asap and does progress every day. At least small one thing at a time, but every day. She must be the first to reach 110, complete storylines, and start doing quests in Suramar, do dungeons and world quests.

Castling – that’s optional, but strongly recommended. Here you do the Heart of the Light questline in Exodar, and acquire extra artifact weapons. You’ll be able to do that all at level 102.

Rook Takes Pawn – courtesy of Coffee Cakes and Crits. Your next goal is advance through the Order Hall campaign. The initial post says Level 105, I say you get your Class Order Hall campaign step earlier – at 103-104 level. Don’t save it for later. Order Hall campaign will grant you more followers, and it will result in faster progress. Before you make that move, you can do only one mission at a time (two at best).

Mittelspiel – it’s your toons leveling 103 -> 110. Don’t forget profession quests while leveling!

Check – your toons have reached 110, now they can finish Class Order Hall campaign and gain Artifact knowledge.

Checkmate – you launch at Suramar, complete some few initiate questlines, and you are ready for world quests upon reaching Friendly with the elven junkies.

My playstyle is a little at a time. Once I get bored of casting, or slashing, or the area I’m currently questing in, I immediately switch to another toon – it has his own goals and hopefully is in another area.

And charts.

*Note: Every leveling zone in charts has two fields. The bigger one means loremaster achievement, the smaller one means explorer achievement. In my case both are obligatory :)

September 14


September 27


Now you can see how this strategy pays off.