Patch 7.3.5.: Silithus and Leveling

Oh my god, there's so much to talk about that I actually don't know where to start! Let's go in no particular order. A minor change, and for Russian players only, but it's actually very nice. Previously, Gnome and Dwarf females had the same race indication as males in the above panels. "Гном" & "Дворф" … Continue reading Patch 7.3.5.: Silithus and Leveling


Antorus: A Peep into Hope’s End

The third wing of Antorus is finally somewhat interesting considering encounters. It's the wing that I actually LIKE - the first one among all. The Kin'garoth fight is excellent for DPS as they have really much to do. You start using your movement abilities to reach the adds quickly. You need to avoid lots of … Continue reading Antorus: A Peep into Hope’s End

The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations

So, Blizzcon is almost here, and by all means we will get insights about the new World of Warcraft expansion. Let's discuss our expectations about it :) Setting First and foremost, it's most likely gonna be a sea expansion focused largely on Alliance/Horde clash - and with an ultimate enemy of N'Zoth/Void. The clues are … Continue reading The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations