Invasion Transmog Weapons Oh my. And here's your next reason to run invasions! Just look at these transmogs which drop from the last bosses. I would sell my soul for the staff at 2:53. Meanwhile, Azsuna, Val'sharah and Stormheim are complete :) I expect Highmountain to be active since 4 p.m. - so I may finish the achievement … Continue reading Invasion Transmog Weapons


Legion Invasions – Defender of Broken Isles

So, the invasions are here. How Do Invasions Work? There's a big Legion portal sign on your Broken Isles map, so you see which zone to travel to. The duration of one invasion is 6 hours All daily quests (except for pet battles and maybe professions) will be gone during invasion, and replaced by invasion world … Continue reading Legion Invasions – Defender of Broken Isles

New Khadgar Scenario, Invasions & ‘Gl’

SPOILER ALERT: the post contains spoilers about the new scenario available since yesterday. Khadgar's servant appears upon login near your characters and sends you on quest. So, a new scenario. This was completely unexpected, as usually we get all the new things on Wednesday mornings after maintenance hours, raid cooldowns reboot and all that. This … Continue reading New Khadgar Scenario, Invasions & ‘Gl’

Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience

I've tried both. The post contains spoilers about Demon Hunter starting quest chain! Obviously all plans for a new toon are always ruined. I've scrolled through barbie faces of blood elves, their range of sophisticated, elegant standard haircuts... And it's not what I associate with a wild, mad Demon Hunter. At all. Kek. Meet Melaris! … Continue reading Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience