Mayluna: Sword-Measuring Contests Among Vrykul

After sleeping over the matter, Mayluna decided to take a look at her possible destinations at Icecrown. And you know what? This Ebon Blade bastard has the ugliest sense of humor! Let others deal with Fleshwerks - it's not only crowded with abominations and flesh giants, it actually PRODUCES them. Not to spend her weekend … Continue reading Mayluna: Sword-Measuring Contests Among Vrykul


Mayluna: Partnership With Death Knights Is Sick!

When the recruiting officers asked Mayluna to fly for the Alliance flying fortress above Icecrown, she never knew that it will involve fraternizing with the Undead. Me, a nature-loving druid, to smell the stench of Arthas' ex-hounds! Trying to get rid of this "honorable Alliance officer", Mayluna spread her wings and darted off the ship as … Continue reading Mayluna: Partnership With Death Knights Is Sick!