Class Mounts: Hunter

*Spoiler alert: the post is Backston’s diary, so if you plan to see hunter mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Backston – Hunter

Getting hunter’s mount is an interesting adventure…


Backston was glad to learn that hunters don’t need any mats or pre-quests to join a great hunt. It’s a scenario straightaway.

So, we hop on a ride and go to the hunting grounds in the Halls of Valor – the very same Valhalla spot you saw in the dungeon. It’s night, and you join an amazing party:


So, you are supposed to leave this camp and go alone to hunt the beasts!

The only problem is: like this.


I don’t envy people with eye issues, because this is really authentic, and you can’t see shit even if your eyes are alright. With no quest directions or map help, you have to track 4 beast spirits in complete darkness and end them.

I tried to flare something or what, but it didn’t work. So you have to trample the grounds until you come across a glowing figure. Hint: search for caves and corners.

Once you did all that, the last beast is coming called Hrflaugrldrfr or something like that :)  I absolutely love those old Nordic names :) Here goes:


It’s not creepy really. A hunter doesn’t have a single trouble killing it. When you’re done, you return to the party and drink until you are wasted (it’s in a quest):


When you wake up in your Order Hall, you are presented with a hatchling of Hrmflougrildrfrdir:




And this is it :)


So, the hunter’s mount quest is one of the simplest – basically it’s killing 5 creatures – and very immersing. And I never thought that I would like this mount judging by screenshots… But it’s totally amazing when you ride it. So cuddly :)

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Pre-Patch 7.03. – Field Tests & Routines

I continue to delve into class changes, and it’s time for field tests.


Small Routines

Before we set for class field tests, I just want to share one more – final – thing about Garrisons.

These little buggers gave us something to do. Some little routines.

Once we are in Legion, we will have class order halls, world missions and stuff. But now I find myself with literally nothing to do with my morning coffee. There are no small routines left. Everything I need to do now is pretty time-consuming.

Understand this: I’m glad that I finally don’t need to do missions or even be in Garrison. My toons are logging out at strange places. Pandaria. Stormwind. Dalaran. Shattrath. They are not tied to Frostfire and Shadowmoon anymore. But routines are nice. I like to be doing some peaceful easy stuff in the mornings. Leveling, dungeons – are all time-consuming, imo they require dedication and involvement. You can’t level for ‘five minutes’. Well, you can, but you will end up in the middle of questline…

I vote routines.

So, enough for elegiac mood. Let’s roll!

Field Tests

Time-Walking event has started just in time to do some useful content runs and test my rotations as well. I’m still collecting 5k tokens for mounts. Besides, I want to collect gear for mogging now – some pretty models are available at event vendors too.

Protection Warrior

Gottenbar ran Arcatraz. It didn’t went so well. We wiped three times. I was a responsible tank, and I know my defensive moves, old and new. It’s one of the few classes that I have complete control of after revamp. But I guess the other guys just need to learn their rotations. Mobs were dying VERY slow. There were moments when guys went into some mob’s dangerous abilities, healer was distracted from me – that’s when we died.

Protection Warriors really have a wide range of defensive stuff. But Blizzard makes two things clear: first, you won’t survive without a healer too long against many dangerous mobs like you could do before. Second, DPS. Excellent survivability, but you can’t match DPS guys anymore.

They got what they wanted. Tanks are tanks. They are not nukers, and they can’t do on their own in group content without heals. I think this is good.

What I also found about Prot Warriors is that your offense is not fast. You do: Bump. Bump. Bump. That gives you PLENTY of time to manage your defense, which is nice. I need to get used to it. Haven’t really tried my Brewmaster monk in stress situations, but at a first glance the idea is the same. Few and rare offensive abilities, and much defensive stuff which you can juggle, taking your time.

Tanking became comfortable. I feel… cosy while tanking. Like it’s an armchair by fireplace, a cup of hot beverage and thousands of frozen hells are roaring outside. That kind of feeling. Strange, isn’t it?

Retribution Paladin

Gardell went to Ulduar for rotation tests and the infamous shards. I revoke my initial statement about that Pallys are not as sparkling as before. It was based on a dummy test, but in the field it looks a bit different.

Light flashes are there. So it finally makes sense to play. Because rotations will be extremely easy even for a kindergarten kid. You don’t even have to think, everything is straightforward and plain. Up to primitive. I can live with that, but I liked the previous version more I guess. Well, the spec is fine. Light flashes!

Marksmanship Hunter becomes Survival Hunter

Marksmanship was my only playable spec since the very start in Pandaria. After pre-patch it just didn’t work. Lizgun ran through mobs. Abilities just don’t make sense. I hate using all of them. Then I ran through Icy Veins. Then mobs and dungeons. Marksmanship is not satisfying anymore. I can’t find a single appeal of it except that it’s a ‘ranged thing’. Nothing makes me want to log in as a Marksmanship Hunter anymore.

Somehow Lizgun found a 159,000 worth of Apexis in her stores. I was sure I’ve wasted them all before pre-patch! I consider it a sign from the skies. She bought her many baleful spears, until she found the one with haste, and upgraded it to 695.

Survival it is. 

Rotation is pretty understandable at a first glance even for a new guy. Talents are easy choice. Moves are pretty cool – and I’ve always wanted a spear-specific class. I have weakness for spears. What I like about Survival, is that you fight alongside with your pet, you share sweat and blood. You feel bonds. It’s pretty much of a precious thing. And it also somehow dampens my pet-hate too!

Field tests of Survival in Tanaan show my complete satisfaction with the spec. I need to try altering a pair of talents, but all in all it’s a very nice spec. I stick with it in Legion! Bye, Marksmanship :)

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