Prepared for Legion: What Are You Gonna Do on a Drop Day?

It's Friday, and it's basically four days left until Legion strikes us at its full might. Loose Ends Before Drop Day Anticipation time is weird for me. I've got almost all my goals completed. There are very few things to do yet: Drive Hedersen daily through her garrison mine to raise her skill as far … Continue reading Prepared for Legion: What Are You Gonna Do on a Drop Day?


Yet Another Tanking Day

Yesterday I proceeded with my tanking. It was the third tanking night in my life, and it was Destructor's Rise this time. As I recall from my epic ring tome collecting being dps, it was the most complex wing save Archimonde. While Zakuun has always died easily, like a grey mob, there were always multiple wipes at … Continue reading Yet Another Tanking Day

Undead Decomposed: Enter Tauren

For all this time I wasn't happy with animations of my Undead warrior - Rottenshield. A warrior, obviously wearing plate armor and heavy swords. She spends 50% of batlle doing FLIP JUMPS. I was always like: how? When I learnt of an option making her Gladiator - thus wearing shield - I thought it would … Continue reading Undead Decomposed: Enter Tauren