Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: The most random thing you’ve found in WoW


Topic 18 from Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge is about The most random thing you’ve found in WoW.

Is there something you’ve seen in WoW, or a NPC conversation you’ve overheard or even just an odd placed bit of scenery that just makes you stop and wonder? Then this is the post for you! Tell us about the most random thing you’ve discovered in WoW.

Micromantica is an exploring toon, and just Explorer achievements are not enough! I never miss a chance to dive to the ground from the skies and investigate some interesting spots and places, so I would share some of them that you don’t naturally come across.

Arathi Dwarf Farm


If you thought that Go’shek’s Farm is the only agricultural spot in Arathi, you’re wrong. On the east coast you may find a prospering dwarven estate:


There are two crop fields, a small farmer’s house and a pretty big ram corral. There’s also a well maintained pier:


Little is known about who lives here (except that it’s definitely dwarves). Whenever Micromantica comes to visit, there’s nobody home. But rams are well groomed, and the house looks really inhabited. There’s always a lit fire and a hot meal ready for an occasional traveler like myself.


I took a bite of meat and drank a bit of water :) Let’s go on!

Zul’Gurub Secret Cave


Just beyond Zul’Gurub there’s a small cave.


It’s clearly of the ogre origin. Considering there’s a proper thriving ogre mound just a little bit to the north, we may conclude that this guy here is also one from the tribes who came to Azeroth during the Second War, and then got scattered after Alliance victory. This particular ogre was probably an exile from his pals in nearby Mosh’Ogg mound and went to live alone.

A closer look shows us that the cave is empty. No traces of fire, no food, no nothing. Sad conclusion is that a loner is no survivor this close to Zul’Gurub. Most probably he became a victim of Gurubashi stalker party with their venomous darts and spears, and the cave now is abandoned.


Lake Dumont

At the border of Mulgore and Feralas high in the mountains lies Lake Dumont.


It’s a mysterious place: there’s a ravaged Alliance settlement. Most probably it was an Alliance outpost to keep watch over Mulgore and Thunder Bluff. So the destruction was done by Mulgore scouts, when a raiding party came there from Tauren capital.


Strangely enough, it’s inhabited!


There are Alliance members of different races… who have fun among debris and fires. They don’t try to fix anything, they just drink and party. Very strange!


They are flagged as PvP, so this is one more proof that they are Alliance ranked officers. Or are they former officers already?

Trivia is that the npc names on the island are taken from real people involved in making of the Blizzard games.

Goblin Hot Springs

And if we go south towards Silithus, we would find a secret resort run by goblins.


Last year I wrote a small novel about my goblin toons, and this resort was mentioned there. Only artistic, political and business elites are allowed here – or can afford it. The prices are insanely high, so a commoner would never get there. And managers also charge you for lots of auxiliary options… It’s hard to bargain with goblins.

But at the same time the resort doesn’t care about races or factions. It accumulates the big rank elites, so if you’re there, your status is automatically very high. You could – and would – get useful acquaintances… well, it’s your ticket not to the resort, but to high class society stratospheres.






These are only few spots I discovered :) There are many more.


Many Little Things We Do: Trivia

Weekly reputation bonus was nailed during the weekend: each of my toons did 20 quests – and all via emissaries. 5k resource rewards went for order hall upgrades.

Now I can chill out again. I continue the emissary runs, but in a relaxed mode.

Melaris waiting for respawn of Isel the Hammer: “I’m just a fly on the wall” 


Dungeon Experience

I went for a tourist trip in Court of Stars. The PuG was awful. We kicked a healer because he was afk during the first 5 minutes of a dungeon, so we decided we find another.

There comes a pally who is in tank spec, and he would be a second tank till the end of the dungeon. He claims that he can perfectly heal in tanking spec, but he can’t. I’m healing myself through conjured cakes in the breaks, and survive only by Ice Barrier and Ice Block. He doesn’t even bother to heal the mage: I was on a brink of death for 30 seconds.

Yes, he was also the type that squeezes first through a 2-inch aggro-free area, and then blames the others when wandering mobs attack the group.

I really need to stick with my leveling dungeons strategy: if the group cannot kick an asshole, quit myself and do it firmly, no matter how far we’ve traveled into an instance.

Suramar Catacombs went smooth. There was a bear tank which just ran and did his job on the way. You can’t imagine how cool it is. He doesn’t try to squeeze himself into narrow parts. If we could jump and avoid killing the whole room, we do it. But if we must pass a corridor, there won’t be squeezing around the corners. He just aggroes the packs, and we do our job. And bosses popped like rotten tomatoes. This was probably the best run ever.

I’ve queued to Karazhan too, but it was my bad. I was called to enter the dungeon when I was riding a manasaber during the world quest. When I took the last mana spot, I accepted the invitation, and something went wrong. I got teleported into a Karazhan library room or something, there was no one around, and there were mobs on both sides which means the group mates haven’t been here yet. The mana worms killed me, although I took few with me. When I rezzed, I got into some ruined staircase (probably the beginning of the dungeon), and after a small run over a balcony I saw the guys starting an opera event. There was no way I could reach them in time or even search for the right way, so I quit. Until next time.


NOT running raids disturbs me a bit. I seriously need to brace myself and go for mogging slots. Due to my reputation runs I’ve abandoned every raiding activity for several weeks already. Not cool.


I devoted some time to exploration achievements: there was a hunt for rares and a hunt for treasure chests. So far it’s Stormheim rares, Val’sharah rares and chests, and Azsuna chests. More work to do :)

I like how this exploration takes you to different unusual places. Just take a look at the gorgeous corrupted underwater in Val’sharah:


Anyways, it’s very fun, and it’s much more exciting to do with wings – that’s why I’ve put the achievements aside before I got my flights :)

Broken Shore: Patch 7.2. Release Day

So, we’re here.

The schedule said that maintenance would last 4 a.m. – 12 p.m. – well, during the whole Legion it’s more generous to the players. I tried to login at 9 a.m. – and succeeded.

For a small hour before going to work Micromantica has succeeded in finishing the entrance scenario, opening all the three flight points and exploring the location.


Upon doing that, I am 450/6000 Friendly with Legionfall faction.

The renewed Pathfinder requirements are just four:

  • Pathfinder I – complete
  • Explore Broken Shore – complete
  • Fight the demon invasion WQ in 4 zones
  • Become Revered with Legionfall

This is a very short and easy list to do.

As I understand, the class mounts will be given to you independently. It has nothing to do with flight achievement, although I presume that campaign quests will grant you nice chunks of reputation. To get a class mount, you will need to complete the plot campaign which, like Suramar one, will be stretched over 11 weeks. So think of manasaber here which is a reward for completing the Suramar campaign. Although, unlike manasaber, the order hall mounts are unique and so you are encouraged to complete them for every class.

Broken Shore Scenario

It starts much like Broken Shore assault, then ends up with teleporting to and destroying flagship, and Dalaran breaches the gate of Tomb of Sargeras with arcane cannon.

It’s pretty flashy, but I wish there were more links to the Legion launch scenario.

I liked how nameless different class champions are your fighting force here. They prove to be really effective, and you feel like you’re just one of them which is cool. They are very capable of destroying demons even without your help: it’s not your average eternal clash of good and bad mobs who would fight forever if you don’t join the fight.

You are offered a small clash with Mephistroph as a final scenario boss: quest says “kill”, but you barely take 10k off his hitpoints, and he flees for no reason. We know he’s the new dungeon final boss, but his presence here was useless in the first place. He fought like a girl, he ran for it – I think we’d better get rid of some other demon captain, and kill him properly with some effort.

Broken Shore As a Quest Hub

I didn’t do any world quests here yet, I was hurrying to explore. All in all it reminds much of a Isle of Thunder. The same bleak, dark colors, the same mage base. I like it more than not. They also threw in some new demons – because felguards, imps and doomguards grew a bit old. Basically you’re fighting Felsoul Hold deck plus some fresh ones – and they also added fel nagas too.

Logistics are a mess. I’ve found two checkpoints which have something to do with my artifact weapon quest, and I couldn’t reach the third although it was within my hand’s reach – but on a cliff. Didn’t have too much time to fight all the way back there, so it’ll be left for the evening. I’ve opened both flight points though.

Of course my 12th alt would get to every point with her eyes closed: it’s just a question of experience. And yet I hate the slopes so much. Can’t wait to fly.

I need to see the WQs of course, but my first run showed that we lack some variety here. It’s demons, demons and demons. There’s no pinch of salt detected – remember how we had this saurok area at the Isle of Thunder?


Nethershards are plenty. I didn’t engage in a fight or quest yet, just occasional mobs on the way, and I got 375 shards. Tier tokens are your 400 shards, so you could buy them easily.

New garrison resources come as quest rewards only.

 Exalted Chests

If you happen to be Exalted with previous Legion factions, you are encouraged to grind them again. Every 10k reputation over Exalted would grant you a chance to loot faction-specific mount from the chest: that means a total of six extra mounts.

I hate the random incorporated in this. Surely it’s the perfect motivation to keep WQs relevant, but imagine a dude who diligently grinds every emissary chest throughout the expansion and never gets it.

I’d say the drop chance here should be at least 25-30%. It’s a big work with six factions, and it has no guarantees, so please make it less tedious.

Transmog Collections

I’ve checked out the tier sets and was surprised to have only FOUR collected. What about Naxxramas I was grinding and running multiple times for achievements? What about Molten Core – hello, I’m Exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords? What about Firelands? What about Pandaria – I was collecting the sets on PURPOSE there?

I don’t know if I could get PvP sets without PvP, but I’ll run the older raids for sure. This is a FUN and relaxing activity to me, and now it has a purpose.


All in all the Patch 7.2. is a new breath of air. It’s a plot advance, and it’s new opportunities for your gameplay. I don’t hate it, it looks nice and it’s new lore, but I’m growing tired of demons. And we also have Argus patch coming.

Like I said, my first priority will be Micromantica’s dailies in Broken Shore: I need that Revered reputation asap. The other toons would lazily complete emissaries and follow her steps if they have time.

Big Project: Exploration


Within my WoW to-do list there’s always been these big projects which are not necessarily complex or hard to complete, but require some time and persistence. Reputation grinds, archaeology, epic weapons from the past, pet battles. One of them is Exploration.

I like maps. If I would suddenly travel back in time to my teens and had to choose a new career opportunity – well, one of the opportunities would be something related to maps. It’s one of my hobbies. In my multiple travels I like to acquire all the possible maps – I research Google maps of the place I’m going to, I always have a map app at my iphone, and I’m buying some paper ones when I’m there.

Whar I’ve always hated in WoW are blank spaces in maps. If I’m questing in a zone, I’m trying to unveil its map in full – and not just the places I’m sent to by quest-givers. If there’s one single blank spot left, I would go and open it deliberately. But obviously you can’t be in every zone while leveling.

I have completed world explorer with my main in the first months of playing WoW – even before Pandaria. But thanks to my map obsession hobby, I always knew that when I login with any toon, any alt, he/she must have all maps opened and ready. It was a big, long play project which came to an end yesterday. I’ve completed this or that zones deliberately from time to time with my toons when he/she felt like travelling, but anyways it required deliberate sessions of map-opening of vast spaces.

The whole trip isn’t that hard, really. Smaller continents like Outland, Northrend, Pandaria or Draenor would each take you an hour or less to complete in full. Depending on how much of the map you’ve opened while questing.

The bigger continents, EK and Kalimdor, are 2-3 hours trip or so. The worst parts are Blood Elf and Draenei starting zones which STILL don’t let you fly. It’s been… 10 years when they cannot draw Silvermoon and Exodar rooftop textures for us to see them? Oh well. Anyways, you have to ride on the ground through 4 zones in the list.

You have obligatory dangerous parts for factions there. To open a piece of Ammen Vale where Draenei start with a Horde toon, you have to die 3-4 times, pushing your way through 105 elite guards and resurrecting as far as the ghost leash allows. Silvermoon is more forgiving for Alliance toons. You just ride into the gate, make a circle of honor around it, and have four guards running after you. I always imagine the music from Benny Hill show when doing that :) With a bit of luck, they won’t dismount you, and there won’t be high level Horde players to kick your ass while you’re frantically escaping to the golden wilds. Well, Silvermoon normally is the least populated city, located in the ass of the world with no attraction points for high levels. Still Kellers, my Human Mage, chose the worst time to go there – there was a Midsummer fireworks party, so she was ganked like 4 times by a horde of Hordies before she was let to go :)

Now all my toons are grand explorers, they have all the continents on their maps, and the big project is closed. One more thing ready for Legion & Broken Isles!