Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience

I've tried both. The post contains spoilers about Demon Hunter starting quest chain! Obviously all plans for a new toon are always ruined. I've scrolled through barbie faces of blood elves, their range of sophisticated, elegant standard haircuts... And it's not what I associate with a wild, mad Demon Hunter. At all. Kek. Meet Melaris! … Continue reading Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience


Illidan and Demon Hunters: Background

I'm in the middle of the "Illidan" book now. There will be no spoilers here, so you could rush straight through the post :) First of all, I must praise the writing skills of the author. All the books of Christie Golden and Richard Knaak are graphomaniac stuff. It's not literature - it's fan fiction at … Continue reading Illidan and Demon Hunters: Background