Traditional small thoughts in between the milestones: Nomi was probably tuned a bit, as he granted two recipes for 7 orders to Hexen and one recipe for 4 orders to Melaris. But may be it's still RNG at work. Sitting at 9k/12k Suramar rep with Micromantica, and yet again saving the main storyline Suramar piece … Continue reading Trivia


Prepared for Legion: Outsider Alts

After assembling my Feat of Strength Team yesterday, I've made an important toon toggle between realms. Gottenbar the Tauren Warrior was the second warrior on my main EU-Fordragon realm. I transferred him to EU-Azuregos where my other alts dwell to free a slot. And Baisa the Shadow Priest moved to EU-Fordragon - to become the priest there. *Funny … Continue reading Prepared for Legion: Outsider Alts

First Month In Tanaan: Gnomification, Dailies and Raids

So, the first month of Tanaan and Patch 6.2. is almost over. Let's see where we are? TANAAN AND SHIPYARD 1. Still not a single Shipyard Tier 3. Treasure missions are very rare and very useless. I find it extremely stupid that my toon must send his/her ships again and again, until I have 25 completely useless … Continue reading First Month In Tanaan: Gnomification, Dailies and Raids

Undead Decomposed: Enter Tauren

For all this time I wasn't happy with animations of my Undead warrior - Rottenshield. A warrior, obviously wearing plate armor and heavy swords. She spends 50% of batlle doing FLIP JUMPS. I was always like: how? When I learnt of an option making her Gladiator - thus wearing shield - I thought it would … Continue reading Undead Decomposed: Enter Tauren

Big Draenei Swap: Shaman Off, Death Knight On

Not at all satisfied with Elemental Shaman playing style - it's mostly sky lightning which is ridiculous *plink*, I decided to delete Klaari at her 26 lv and try playing Death Knight again. I have started like 4 Death Knights before, and experience was not satisfactory. This time it rolls more or less smoothly. The … Continue reading Big Draenei Swap: Shaman Off, Death Knight On

Which Character Will Storm Draenor Tonight?

Most of you have many toons and several 90s. So, the question is: which of them will you choose to step on Draenor first and why? The choice is difficult for me as all of my chars have roughly equal ilvl (around 530), I care for them all equally and of course each of them … Continue reading Which Character Will Storm Draenor Tonight?