Chitsuro: Blobs and Scalpel

We left Chitsuro when she headed to have a rest at a Gnome tavern in Borean Tundra. Awaken with a small hangover (and her tongue now tasting like tin too), she decided not to rush to the necropolis but rather do something peaceful before lunch. Also Gnomes asked her to conduct a survey of Nerubian … Continue reading Chitsuro: Blobs and Scalpel


Chitsuro: Borean Episodes and Copro-Digging

Well, at least Borean Tundra is not covered in snow completely. So Chitsuro decided to make her contribution to Alliance Northrend campaign by helping the local residents as much as she could. She tries not to settle long in one place (or her paws become slowly covered with ice), so she experienced nice short episodes. … Continue reading Chitsuro: Borean Episodes and Copro-Digging

Chitsuro: When You Meet Your First Dragon Aspect

Chilled to the bone, Chitsuro had to stuck all possible fur scraps inside her leather wear. While helping out the red dragonflight in Coldarra she gathered some finest scales from the blue dragonkin to craft some finer Northrend-style outfit. Though these kills were not frowned upon this time by any druids, it angered the Aspect … Continue reading Chitsuro: When You Meet Your First Dragon Aspect