End of Warlords

Last week I have officially finished my version of Warlords expansion. I got all the 11 epic rings and performed an Archimonde kill for each of my toons, completing the final Khadgar's quest. And when you report to the mage about it, Khadgar says: go have a rest, dude. I hope you join me later … Continue reading End of Warlords


Thoughts On New Warcraft Expansion: Legion

So, the expansion was announced yesterday - you can watch the whole presentation at Blizzard websites of course. What have we got? Two words: FANSERVICE EXPANSION Seriously, guys. We could assume that Blizzard would listen to the players, especially after big sub losses, but they made it up to eleven. You want demon hunters class, … Continue reading Thoughts On New Warcraft Expansion: Legion

New Expansion: What Are The Odds?

There really were many speculations in the web about the new expac. The most thriving versions were: Azshara and South Seas Zul'Again (which could be a part of the previous one, as in Pandaria) Council of Glades - Medivh/Sylvanas storyline Undead v.2 (Bolvar could turn mad) Burning Legion with new planet. Emerald Dream A rational … Continue reading New Expansion: What Are The Odds?

Something’s In The Air… Players?

This picture in fact is very sufficient and I may not continue the post. But I will, so you get yourselves a bit of reading. There will be flights on Draenor! Huge news that shows Blizzard listens to logic and its fan base. There will be achievements for flights in Draenor! Huge news as it … Continue reading Something’s In The Air… Players?

Death of Draenor: Rumble and Silence

As of my latest plan - I follow it and there's really nothing new to report. Micromantica blasted this Chapter III achievement today's morning - and I leave these following Garona quests as a sweetest piece of cherry pie for the evening. Sadly it's the only piece of lore left. Others are not doing professions or … Continue reading Death of Draenor: Rumble and Silence

Lack of Content: Curing Weariness

Let's face it: with my recent activities I have reached the point when I didn't want even to login WoW for a while. Professions: I have learned all recipes and even so for Melaris, my recently capped Death Knight Questing: I've done everything Draenor could offer Garrison Building and Reputation achievements: requires some severe grinding - not … Continue reading Lack of Content: Curing Weariness

Highmaul: Why So Serious?

There is an amusing fact. While World of Warcraft is all about epicness, there are some situations when you just put all this epic stuff aside and should just let the fun be. One of the best examples is Stormstout Brewery. Every single mob and boss you come across there makes you smile if not … Continue reading Highmaul: Why So Serious?