Pre-Patch 8.0. Class Changes Overview

A thourough research, alt+tab guides, was held yesterday and today. I've tried all the classes in the field during Army of the Light emissary quests and assaulted dummies in Pandaria hubs. Here's my report. First of all, healing will not be a thing of this article. The arsenal of healers did not experience too many … Continue reading Pre-Patch 8.0. Class Changes Overview


Before the Storm: Novel Review and Summary

The post is divided in two parts: first, I will give my spoiler-free opinion on the novel as a whole, and second, I will write a summary of its events. If you plan to read the novel on your own, you may read the first part and skip the second. But be warned: the events … Continue reading Before the Storm: Novel Review and Summary

Battle For Azeroth Beta: First Impressions

So, yesterday was my first ever beta evening. I haven't participated in beta yet, so everything was quite new to me. And here's what I saw. Interface As you know, I don't use a single addon, and I'm playing with basic UI. Blizzard has implemented some grand changes to our panels, which I consider a huge … Continue reading Battle For Azeroth Beta: First Impressions

Battle for Azeroth Release Date

This just in: Battle for Azeroth will be released on August 14! Pre-patch would likely be out a month before expansion, so prepare your checklists and get ready to grind them until July 14. Then we will have Teldrassil burning, Siege of Lordaeron and artifact power cancelled on our hands. Most probably well run repeatable … Continue reading Battle for Azeroth Release Date