Please more time until WoD!

Though I strongly want a new expansion, I still hope that it's released not until at least late October. I really want to get my 4 chars to Pandaria and dress them in LFR tiers of Thunder and Orgrimmar! Easier for me, I never wear helmets, cause it's not why I spent many minutes choosing … Continue reading Please more time until WoD!


Barbaric Fashion, Or Don’t Throw Cool Things Away!

It was not until this winter that I finally discovered transmogrfication with my chars. Before that all the nice stuff was sold to vendors or disenchanted. But when I got a Conan-like Warrior set through questing scorched locations in Eastern Kingdoms, I finally knew that it is time to save a big wardrobe-bag at my … Continue reading Barbaric Fashion, Or Don’t Throw Cool Things Away!

Backston – Blood and Petals

For the name "Backston" I had to scratch the back of my head a little. Obviously humans in Azeroth wear normal names, so no fantasy pseudo-elvish stuff will do. Obviously all normal names were taken long ago. Adding an extra letter - like in Laaura - is an unmistaken sign of feeble imagination. Seriously, you … Continue reading Backston – Blood and Petals