Trivia: Slow Down

It's Monday, and it's time to revise my week. As for reputations, the progress rolls as it should: May 22 May 29 I've decided I slow down now. Every day I'll be doing only those emissaries and those toons which are not Exalted yet. When I'm there, I'll assign the "mount teams" to factions, and … Continue reading Trivia: Slow Down


A Weekend in Broken Shore: Artifact Quests in 7.2.

It was quite a weekend! Artifact Questing It was the highlight of the weekend. I drove all my alts to acquire the knowledge level of 26, place orders, and run some quests for unlocking new traits. I ran them in a casual way: whenever I felt to. The important thing is not to get exhausted … Continue reading A Weekend in Broken Shore: Artifact Quests in 7.2.

Winter Holidays in WoW

It was quite a week :) As you probably know, the winter holidays in Russia normally last 8-10 days. We have New Year celebration which is arguably the most important holiday in the year (with families, parties, presents, Santa and all), and a calm spiritual orthodox Christmas on 7th which is a national holiday too. … Continue reading Winter Holidays in WoW

Alt Management: Artifact Knowledge

Something wild has happened during weekend. Pre-Story On Saturday I grew a bit tired of playing Survival Hunter. Mind you, I still think that this spec is something really wild and cool. It has interesting spec fantasy, it's very mobile, and it's quite effective in the field. Nothing wrong with the spec itself. The only … Continue reading Alt Management: Artifact Knowledge

All Weapons To Be Acquired…

In the coming week I've decided to acquire all artifacts for my toons. You know, lore-sake. Of course I have no problem with all-DPS toons. Artifact quests are easily completed in other specs. I had no specific problems with getting all three Mage artifacts while Frosting them all, all three Rogue artifacts with Assassination, both … Continue reading All Weapons To Be Acquired…