The Future of Allied Races: Possible Options

An interesting thought has struck me considering Allied Races, and it's so simple. Here goes: every current race receives an allied version.  Check out my list: ALLIANCE Humans - Kul Tirans (Drust) Dwarves - Dark Irons Gnomes - Mechagnomes (from 8.2.) Night Elves - Void Elves (with Blood Elf models) Draenei - Lightforged Worgen - … Continue reading The Future of Allied Races: Possible Options


Allied Races: Horde

...this is what I saw when I came back from my band's rehearsal yesterday. Guys, it was better than New Year or expansion release day :) The highly anticipated pre-order/allied race release was 95% to happen, and yet this 5% of uncertainty made the hype. The overall enthusiasm resulted in ultimate queues. I was wise … Continue reading Allied Races: Horde