Legion Expansion: Game Over


This weekend was marked by a significant achievement: collecting my first full Antorus set. It’s a warlock one, and it’s ugly as fuck:


Nevertheless, this achievement is my milestone considering Legion, and it means that the expansion is a PAST thing now. This mogging achievement is an equivalent of a single player game credits and GAME OVER after that. For some it may be completing Heroic last raid. Well, this is my expansion milestone: because this very toon is free from every expansion activity from now on.

Of course I have plenty to do yet. There are eleven classes mogging sets to collect – so it’s much more Antorus with me, some of my toons didn’t even kill Argus yet. There are grinding achievements to complete (like kill 5k demons, collect 20k eyes, complete 10k world quests). And don’t even get me started with Archaeology and Fishing which should obviously need to be done during this expansion. Plus, a ghost chance of acquiring faction mounts from paragon chests.

And yet, I’m looking forward to Battle for Azeroth now.

The upcoming Q&A which happens on Monday rather than Thursday will most likely indicate the announcement of pre-order and Allied Races. And obviously, leveling will be heavily incorporated into my schedule from now on – as the thing to do in the mornings or a spare hour in the evenings after my raiding for the day on a certain toon is done. Activities are gonna be diverse from now on.

My top priority for leveling will be my new pandaren warrior & void elf arcane mage, followed by the rest allied races. This is what I normally do during expansion lulls – leveling the new toons, but for the first time for me this is justified with the new options.

Current mood: anticipation.


Altoholism Has No Cure

…and yet again :)

I guess I just like leveling process, moreover it is so cool today.


Long story short, I’ve rolled a Pandaren Warrior girl for fun, and suddenly discovered that their animation for a signatory Arms strike and the overall stances-blows routine is so NINJA that I cried of happiness. I immediately craved to make her a samurai warrior, with a polearm!

She’s in Azshara now, 16 and counting, Horde-aligned, and she won’t stop!

Which made me revisit my plans about Allied Races and what I’m gonna do about them in new empty slots.

Most probably, I will transfer this pandaren warrior, the new dwarf mage and maybe someone else to the main realm after new slots become available. This leaves no slots for some of the new races. And frankly, I’m not eager to have some of them to play except for achievement.

  • I’m reluctant to play Lightforged Draenei. They seem hollow. Most probably, it will be either a priestess or a healing paladin at back-up realm.
  • I’m not a fan of Zandalari trolls – I need to see them in action first. Most probably, it will be a replacement for a troll shaman at my back-up realm.
  • I’m not a fan of Nightborne. Most probably it will be a blade dancer (outlaw) rogue at back-up realm.

So, my slots at the main realm will be:

  • Dark Iron Dwarf girl – most probably, a tank warrior.
  • Highmountain Tauren male/female – most probably, a cat/bear druid.
  • Void Elf male/female – definitely an arcane mage.
  • Transferred fresh 110, Antorus-running Dwarf fire mage girl.
  • Transferred fresh Pandaren, Arms Samurai Warrior
  • Free slot!

Times change :) Altoholism does not.




It’s the new questline in Patch 7.3.5., and it appeared to be just wonderful!


The questline itself is very easy. First, you need to find a randomly spawned lost letter by one of the mailboxes in Dalaran or buy one in Auction House. I wanted to do this asap, so I paid 60k and got the quest.

The quest sends you to Black Market boss in Underbelly, and you witness how a dwarf recieves his armor. Then you get a mail which wants you to the postmaster’s office. It was tricky to find, but for those who have difficulties, there: you need to follow the lane to petmaster, and you will discover a postmaster tube by the cemetery. Click it, and you’re in the office.

Like all other shops in Dalaran, the office is just gorgeous. So many details that I’ll be touring there for at least half an hour! Anyways, your questline continues,and you need to visit Feralas and Eastern Kingdoms to deliver stuff (it’s very funny), then you get access to the minigame.

The minigame offers you 6 continent tubes.


A name of the place with a name of a continent zone pops up, and you click the corresponding tube to send the letter. You need to be real quick with it. The first achievement is sending 30 letters in 60 seconds, so you have just 2 seconds per letter. The second achievement is sending the same 30 letters in 60 seconds, but addresses are not full! So you will have to quickly define which town is in which continent.

It’s just the achievement for me: difficulty is at the level, but not ridiculous, and it requires knowldge of Azeroth geography :) And you get a mailbox toy and a pet as a reward.

I have not yet tried the second achievement, but I’l be doing it with eager.

Lorewise, the questline is important to see how your mail is sorted and sent out. It appears that they send it to certain towns and villages, but don’t bother about the receiver’s name :)

Well done, Blizzard. I strongly advise everyone to do this questline, even if it means spending 60k :) Totally worth it.

Tanking Argus

My yesterday’s small raiding was covering up the un-killed yet bosses with Melaris, the Demon Hunter. And while she went in Havoc, as planned, something snapped when she entered Seat and got straight to Argus.

We had both tanks. Which failed 4 times just in the most epic ways. They were collecting stacks like hell – both of them, they didn’t get a clue what to do with the shiny thing, and they dragged Argus the Unmaker throughout the battlefield, delivering every debuff to the rest of the raid and flooding the field with death cone in the most unsurvivable way.

We tried and explained the drill to them after every failed pull. And it just didn’t work. They just kept failing and failing. Then one of the guys says, tanks, if you don’t know anything about your role, you’d better switch to DPS. And one of them actually did.

I’ve already respecced to Vengeance to serve as a supporting third tank, but I didn’t manage yet to announce it, and the other tank says: well, whoever is the second tank, support me. Understand it right: she didn’t even know whether we have another tank, and she pulled again, which would mean a certain and quick wipe if not for me.

Argus encounter is actually VERY simple for tanks. It’s one of the easiest fights in Antorus. You keep swapping for 3 scythe stacks and don’t turn him anywhere to keep the raid intact. When you’re not an active tank, be behind his back. For the first phase, you hold him in the middle, and that’s it. For the second and fourth phase, you usher him to the wall and keep him facing the wall. For the third phase, you tank an add. This is it. It’s simple as fuck. DPS and healers have really hard day, but tanks don’t.

And we did it with the first pull. The other tank totally failed every swap, not allowing herself to get rid of the debuffs, so she died four times during the encounter, and the last 200k I was tanking all by myself, eventually having 7 stacks or more, with my underpowered artifact of 62 or so. We did it!

The important thing is that I was a bit reluctant to tank the last wing even with my tank-assigned toons. Now I suddenly don’t :) Tanking appeared to be much easier than the other roles here.

Hero of the day:


Antorus: A Peep into Seat of the Pantheon


So, the fourth wing is tested and farmed by several toons, and here’s my quick review.

I think it would be the easiest expansion-end last boss streak. Both of them fall with a little effort, and as soon as people learn to follow the certain mechanics.

For Aggramar, there’s nothing too deadly except his 4 blows which require attention from all raid. As soon as people learn the easiest thing of run TO him, it’s no worries. And if tanks don’t fail to bring these to blows into the raid. I was a bit surprised by his health pool which is too low for the boss-before-last: seriously, less than 4 million to single target while Coven has over 5 and lots of adds. Piece of cake even on the first week.

Argus the Unmaker poses some trouble. Although it’s not too hard too if people follow the ridiculously easy movement requirements with the first 2 phases, thus having sufficient DPS to enter the third and fourth. The only big trouble here is the last phase with massive AoE and VERY punishing spheres which are kill-an-add-or-else thing. Even so, you have a tree cheat there which resurrects every one careless enough to die.

I really liked the environment, so different from the fel which we were dealing with during both Tomb and Antorus.

I’m not happy though with the lore beyond Argus himself. Is he really a warped Titan, or something else? Isn’t he too small in size for a world soul? A strange choice for the last boss, and not really immersing, as – I’ve said it previously – we didn’t have a strong build-up during our questing on Argus.

Now that we see the raid in whole, it appeared to be quite logical. We breach to the High Command, killing the eredar generals. We dispose their factory to smithereens along with their lead engineer. We cut their reinforcements with portals. And we finally thwart their plans to resurrect Dark Titans, which in turn drag Sargeras from Azeroth surface and end the crusade. If not for the deus ex plot in the first place: Sargeras killed them all, but somehow they could still be reborn and stop him? And one of them got away? There are so many questions here.

From all the raids of Legion, I would name Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold as the best ones. There was a perfect build-up via questing and story, it was a place we wanted to enter and finish the main bad guys.

Trial – oh come on, proving ‘worthy’ for the tenth time to Odyn sucked.

Tomb – as I wrote previously, in Legion Blizzard totally failed to grow a hated villain out of Kil’Jaeden, with all his background. And there were so little demons in the Tomb – namely, three infernals, Goroth, a pair of Inquisitors and Kil’Jaeden himself. By the time we entered the Tomb, the battle was already won. It didn’t feel like threat already.

Antorus – was a tedious work rather than an excited path to the main villain, and also in the fel environment. And thus it appeared to be quite boring.

Now, to farm transmogs until I literally puke :)

P.S. And yes, Argus scythe already dropped to my death knight for transmog!


Patch 7.3.5.: Silithus and Leveling

Oh my god, there’s so much to talk about that I actually don’t know where to start!

Let’s go in no particular order.


A minor change, and for Russian players only, but it’s actually very nice.

Previously, Gnome and Dwarf females had the same race indication as males in the above panels. “Гном” & “Дворф” (read as: Gnom & Dvorf). It happened because we don’t actually have the acknowledged female words for these races (like we do with elves, for example). Partly because there were no female gnome and dwarf characters in classic fantasy. But! you could form them according to Russian word formation rules. And they finally did it. “Гномка” & “Дворфийка” (‘Gnomka & Dvor’fiyka) – so now the gnome and the dwarf females have a word gender indication like they should. As a linguist by hobby and by education, I’m too pleased with this.

Now, to something bigger. Literally.



This was freaking huge. I didn’t expect it to be that big! It certainly is a major change in landscape – I only wish the zone was a little bit more filled with stuff, and I hope for more questing to come – at least with pre-patch. From what it looks now, we’ll have a small cutscene considering artifacts, and this is gonna be it.

I liked the questline, it was quick and entertaining, quite logical, and 50 points to Blizzard for introducing gnomes and goblins as your questgivers. I hope the races would play some more major role in the next expac – at least some quest hubs would be nice. All loose ends are finished, and it’s a perfect bridge to the next expansion.

Obviously I did a free fall from the very top of the sword! People already counted that it’s twice big as Mount Everest! And you can’t even see the ground from above, that is really cool.


Patch 7.3.5. Cinematics

As for Alliance & Horde cinematics, nothing describes them better than a photoshopped hilarious picture which collected some enormous amount of likes and reposts in my Twitter. Caption with errative “life” says “Lyfe with Alliance” | “Lyfe without Alliance”:


Yes, that was the main question with me: why the Horde’s celebration table is so… poor and sad? Anyways, I totally bought both characters that were not introduced in cinematics before: Gallywix and Matthias Shaw, they were amazing. And I grow liking Genn more and more.

Leveling and Leveling Dungeons in Patch 7.3.5. 

This is my troll shaman’s happy face:


I’ve leveled through the whole Dustwallow Marsh in full just to understand the new drill with scaling – 5 levels 40 to 45. And it was simply awesome.

Mobs really are dangerous now, you have to fight them and watch your step, you have to care not to aggro too many. And it’s so refreshing!

I mean, do we really need Vanilla now? Because what happens today is a really tough and challenging gameplay. It’s also quite rewarding, because every quest reward item is an upgrade for you, and you don’t feel like you should move on to another zone if you want to do questlines here. Strangely – it’s soothing! You are not in a rush, you feel like you’re right at the place here, so you take your time and just enjoy the scenery and stories. Which is more important, if you’re tired of marshland, you could switch to flooded Needles or deserts of Tanaris, or jungle of Un’Goro, or Silithus sands in a blink! Not to say anything of Eastern Kingdoms. So, to sum it up, you have a really decent choice of leveling options. An overwhelming success.

As for dungeons… lol, you can’t tank with a healer’s back anymore. First, you have an access to low level ones even at your high levels. The first dungeon at my 41 that I did was… Ragefire Chasm. And I actually had to HEAL there. Not just occasional heal, but actually support the tank all the time, or else.

I also did Razorfen dungeon, and a part of Stratholme. At Stratholme, when we occasionally aggroed the sinister pack of zombies without a tank, it was actually quite SCARY as they went upon us, and we knew it meant a wipe.


Immersement is here again. Dungeons are not something you AoE with three people, but an actual challenge. And it’s not the best way of leveling anymore, which also solves the problem of “level to 15 – stand in capital and queue until you’re fit for the current expansion”.

Some people are whining of course. We didn’t finish Stratholme, as half of our group quitted midway. But hey, you all wanted Vanilla, so what’s your problem with having a piece of challenge? I foresee the whining threads at official forums “Paladin fucked hard by three murlocs – watch video without registration and sms!”. All too funny.

I just can’t wait for the new races so that I could play… classic WoW-style, and in the zones of choice.

Bravo, Blizzard.

Patch 7.3.5.

So, patch is tomorrow, and here’s the list of changes with my thoughts on them.

A Scaling World

Lore chapters within zones and scaling – couldn’t greet it more. I would finally be able to see the coolest ‘Rambo’ story in Redridge and what not – today you outgrow a zone halfway, if not less.

Ulduar Timewalking

Been there, not interested. It was fun to run Molten Core during a holiday anniversary event, but until they make it available via group finder and with extra rewards, not my thing. Skipping this like I did with Black Temple.

Silithus: The Wound

Yes, please. I expect it to be a small and quick questline like we had in Draenor pre-patch in Blasted Lands, but I’m eager to receive this lore reward and go awe with the big sword after Argus kill tomorrow.

New Battleground: Seething Shore

Not interested – I’m not into PvP at all.

Legendary Items

The thing is that you upgrade them for 300 whatsits (not 50 like now) and could also buy tokens for 1000 for a random legendary piece for your spec. Not interested in farming, although if I have enough for tokens, I would try to win some transmog options that I don’t have yet.

Mythic Keystone Dungeons

Couldn’t care less about dungeons. Stopped worrying about any Legion dungeons in Spring when I had a tourist run through Karazhan and Suramar dungeons.


Dungeons available to any player from level 20 – more mount drop chances. Also introducing more toys – I understand this is an attempt to give more reasons to run the outdated holiday errands, but frankly I think we don’t need more toys, and I also like to consider a holiday done. Not happy.


Not a fan of selfie camera, especially with those most awful emotion screenshots my twitter is swarming with. But they would deliver some filter quests along, which I’ll be running with interest.

New Races

Not available with the patch. Shame, as I was so eager to test the new leveling system with them :) By all means I’ll level every race of 6 for fun and achievement.