Argus: Week 2


*Spoiler alert: the post is mostly dedicated to the second part of storyline. 

The second part is available now, and is roughly divided in two parts.

First, we storm the Legion’s fortress. We assemble an ultimate doom weapon during our first part, actually a tank, and then grind the Legion’s defenders to dust along with their commander.

The epic thing was Legion’s marine – a fallen titan Aggramar – who chased us away. There’s some stunning moment of glory during a small cinematic, and all Twitter is full of shots, because this angle fits for character portraits like nothing else. I’m glad I’m gonna see the event with 11 more classes :)

Speaking about classes, I went with my rogue as a storyline pioneer, and it appeared to be the best strategy if you’re leading multiple alts. Rogue is capable of exploring the unknown terrain and paths without attracting extra attention, so when other alts would follow its path it’s gonna be way easier. Works for druids in feline form too I guess :)

The most interesting moment in the first part was when we were sent to slay a couple of shivarras. One of them says a perfect phrase, like “Dudes, you don’t understand! We must fight the void, or it devours us all, it’s the only way”. It was like: wow. It sounded perfectly normal and sensible! Not your normal Legion talk like “You will all burn”. Could they just start with talking to us about their purpose rather than trying to scorch us like maniacs? :)

The second part is about collecting a crown of the three dudes: Archie, KJ and Velen. I just like the plots when something whole is assembled out of several parts, it’s my favorite thing in any game, movie, or anything else, so I enjoyed it very much. The introduction to Mac’Aree was pretty boring, as I know the draenei history and this is how I imagined it all to happen, so no revelations here. The next thing where we obtained a piece from Archimonde was awesome! I particularly enjoyed the riddles, fighting with eredar version of Archimonde, and the voice of the sentinel robot… sounded very-very familiar, who’s the voice actor? It couldn’t be Cumberbatch, but it was very alike him or Alan Rickman…

Then they sent me to Legion “invasions”. I landed at some elvish platforms, lit by moonlight. It appeared to be easy enough, in fact, it seems you may not even participate and just stand in the corner after entering the portal – but it’s boring. It’s a fun thing to do, I’m gonna run them when I have a chance. The only thing is: could they make invasion portals somewhere closer to the main roads?

And I finished the first part of Argus questline (of the last week) for all alts. As expected, for shaman it was pain incarnate. I don’t care about PvP balance, it should be NOT that squishy. Running with 10% health and eating after every fight is not fun at all. I died and died in Elemental, then I switched to Enhancement which fixed things a little, but not much.


Trivia: Argus, Gear and Stuff


The weekend was quite productive.

IRL trivia: my apartment loan in August was affirmed, and we’ve made a deal and finally acquired our own place to live! Well, even if I got the keys and technically own our new place, I’m not moving there for at least a month – because, duh, it needs complete repairs, including changing floors and stuff. I’m telling all this here because all the repair business is quite new to me, and it appeared to be very interesting and consuming lots of my time and attention – taking it from the game of course.

Nevertheless, I’m all in Argus now in my gaming hours. I’ve led almost all my toons up to opening of Argus world quests, except shaman and rogue. They will catch up in a couple of days – they’re technically on Argus already, but didn’t do any quests yet.

I’ve added new reputation columns to my chart – it’s funny to see most of my toons being at 2850 Friendly with Army of Light and at 875 Neutral with Krokul – that’s what you get upon completing the first chapter. I’m probably heading to Exalted with them – depends on what rewards do they need from vendors, professions and all. By all means at least Micromantica needs Exalted, because mounts, tabards and other pleasant things.

I’ve managed to run few LFRs in the Tomb on weekend. This week Faerella the Warlock and Helu the Druid completed their gear collections, yay! A piece of luck for Micromantica – she got the last boss piece, but she still needs boots from trash. Anibell the Paladin and Melaris the Demon Hunter got no luck this time – they need three boss pieces together.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do with things that come from trash only. Technically they drop for every class of correspondent armor type. I need 1 cloth piece, 2 leather pieces and 2 plate pieces which come from trash only – but surely I’m not gonna run the raid with every toon to maximize my chances? I don’t want to burn out, so it’s gonna be occasional runs with a hope for luck – maybe 1 armor type toon in a week. Anyways, it’s a relaxing thing for spare time, not the obligatory runs now. Even if they don’t drop by the end of expansion, I’m ok with that.

Did Darkmoon Faire runs – it’s mostly Cooking and First Aid that I need to level there. I want this Blight Boar guitar mace from the metal gig, but it’s not that urgent, so I may skip it this month.

Didn’t try to get the new riddle horse yet :) Have you?

Acting cool.

Second Day on Argus

Right, so it’s second day on Argus now.

New things to cover:

Mobs are not that deadly and annoying – maybe it’s because I’ve learned some ways already, so I don’t end up in a dead end surrounded by dozens that followed me. I also watch out and care of not aggroing extra guys.

Elite quest mobs are impossible to kill solo yet – not without a tanking pet or a tanking class. Basically 2 dps are quite enough to cope with a boss mob. Luckily it’s the first days, so many people are around in a pair of minutes, so I just wait a bit and kill any boss mob by all means.

Did the complete world quest batch today – 10 quests or so. Each quests granted me 75 reputation. So, it’s 750 rep per day (maybe less – if some quests were from the previous day). I’d say it’s a decent pace if you’re really into it. Throw in emissary quests for 1500 rep, so you can cope with it in a month if not lazy. I’m planning to be lazy though )

There’s more trouble with krokuul – I got only one world quest for them yet, so I need some other ways. Shall the quests be discovered later upon moving on with questlines? I’m doing some quest missions for them at my mission table – let’s see where it’s all going.

I’ve checked out the new faction vendors – Army of Light didn’t offer me even the list of goods yet, so I don’t even know what they have. I wonder why – I’m almost Honored with them! Krokuul have many useful things though (but unavailable yet).

An ethereal dude at our ship sells 910 tokens for 650 Argus currency each – that’s gonna be my focus now, upgrading from Tomb’s gear to feel myself more confident on Argus. Micromantica, upon completing initiate quests and world quests, got 750 currency, so I bought shoulders – 885->910, and raising her ilvl 900->902. It’s gonna be a thing for my toons in the upcoming month.

Will be leading my toons through Argus storyline on weekend – I need to get them all to world quests and set up a routine. World quests are really rewarding on new planet – be it gold, resources, gear or anything else.

That’s the plan :)

First Day on Argus

I got some proper Argus exploring yesterday, so here’s my report.

I’ve led three toons through the initiate questlines: mage, priest and druid. The new terrain was so freaking unfair to mage. As a cloth toon, I’m getting it all – and I don’t have a private tank like warlocks or self-heals like priests. I have to eat after mob fights, and eat constantly – my shields don’t help much. My ilvl is not so bad for questing, 897 or so (mind you – she has the highest ilvl among my toons), and yet it’s cemetery runs – I think I had ten.

At the same time my priest had zero issues. I went in Discipline which has only three damage spells, but those spells also heal me simultaneously. Also little trouble when running in Balance druid spec – yes, I didn’t kill the mobs from afar, they managed to reach me, but they didn’t hit my leather that hard, so I’m perfectly enduring their attacks even if it’s three or four mobs coming at me.

I’m already dreading coming with the squishiest class – shaman.

Micromantica has explored two available zones. I’m not sure I covered every spot because Argus exploration achievement is combined out of its three zones, but I seem to have been in every corner available. I did a search for a raid entrance around the map marked zone (not that I need it for LFRs), but couldn’t find it, so I put this away for later.

Argus is awesome in the ways that it really feels very dangerous, it’s not your private candyland like Timeless Isle or even Thunder island. Yet we need to check it in the long run – I mean, how tedious it might be when you need repeatable world quest running around. I engaged in multiple fights on my way to some of them. Of course it will be better as long as a I learn my paths, but I feel like I need extra 15-30 ilvl at the very least to be cool here. I’m not sure where to get gear – got a pair of belt tokens dropped from mobs (btw, account bound! So I sent the plate one to my DK). These belts are 880 which is worse than my LFR ones. Well, at least I got the new models for my wardrobe.

The storyline is logical, the only drawback being little revelations. It’s our normal shove your nose into enemy territory – set a camp – make friends with locals and solve their problems – deal with the enemy stuff. Oh yes, the draenei are so protoss now that you may call them so freely. The moment of awe was the naaru cinematic. It’s the first time throughout WoW history when I completely support Illidan and his actions. You fucking cannot do “good” to someone without asking for permission. The bitch got what it deserved, fair and square. Also I liked the depiction of naaru parts before it was rezzed – so bone-like! For the first time since BC it made me think of naaru as of living beings, not constructs or elementals, it was awesome.

Turalyon and Alleria continue to be boring as hell: elven archer bragging / paladin dumbass boring duumvirate. Blizz really needs to do something with the characters – they’re just cliche dummies now. I don’t feel any affection to either of them.

My druid Helu got several quests for her Alchemy/Herbalism and acquired new recipes: collecting an Argus herb rank 1 and crafting a pair of new potions – not sure yet what they do, haven’t even checked in my book. No such quests for mage and priest yet (they have tailoring, enchanting, mining and engineering).

As we set a base in the raid part of Argus, I see no new story coming yet. I think my plan for now would be world quest running with Micromantica for reputation until I get tired, and also leading the others through the story, like chess pieces.

So, this is it. How was you Argus Day 1?

Argus: Yay or Nay?

Woo-hoo, Argus is online, and at the very least 3 hours earlier than scheduled maintenance hours. So I was able to run through some initiate quests.

Just a quick list of my first impressions.

The story was fun enough – I guess mainly because it’s new. Still need to get a full picture, but all in all it’s promising to be a good journey. So far I’ve killed annihilans and returned to the ship for a small tour and binding my hearthstone.

Turalyon/Alleria suck yet. Turalyon is your common “I’m a paladin” thing, boring to the bone. I hope he will bloom in further quests, or else. Alleria… I’m just not a fan of elves or undead elves (her sis), so I’m not a fanboy just for the fact of her presence. And it’s hard to tell anything about the character out of two lines yet. Both provided some boring drama about their son, it was not bad, but it didn’t bring any emotions either. Because, hey, like I’ve written before: first grow a character to let us feel for it, then tell us about character’s drama. Otherwise we don’t care.

I’m positively surprised how fighting demons doesn’t feel secondhand – which I was afraid of most. I guess I’ll be fine on Argus. And it’s not because it’s new. Compared to Broken Shore: I was bored from the shore location in the first day.

I’m happy with the portal system – so far it’s just one portal opened, yet it’s totally comprehensible and cool. And the Argus map is also nice.

Cherry on the cake: new spell animations! I’ve recorded a gif video for my twitter – see it here at the link. Frostbolt is finally not more of a water jet, but a proper powered icicle. And the casting animations for different spells are different now.

So far it’s been just Frost Mage I checked – I can’t wait to see other casters, specifically my warlock and elemental shaman goblins. Who am I kidding, every caster class and spec!

I got new cloth drops from demons – something for tailoring I guess.

I haven’t got a plan yet, I will just follow the flow. I don’t have any specific goals – by now I want to explore the new area, see the new questlines, and open world quests to work on reputations with Micromantica. Then I would slowly drag the other toons there.

In general the planet’s fine yet. More to see and explore.

See you on Argus :)

Patch 7.3.: Are You Prepared?


Picture being courtesy of brilliant Kageyama Satsuki, are you prepared for the patch?

I’m finding myself at a big clearing up nowadays, closing the loose ends.

Artifact Weapons


This is where I will draw the line in grinding artifact power: 52 traits. As you see, I’ve almost completed my goal of driving all the weapons to 52. Anibell, Baisa and Aurinko will likely close their part within a week, and you have to excuse Helu who had four druid weapons to level.

With the new artifact relic system, I will not care about leveling or checking the weapons anymore. Upon reaching 52, I’m just deleting this expansion-wide table of weapons from my list. I’ll be just playing the specs that I like and invest in them – with no particular goal of reaching some point. I’ve had enough of AP grind. I may even skip the AP missions at missions table.

Still, Legion did a very good thing making me play all the specs. It’s awesome that I could switch to any spec now and be confident there. Even the most shunned specs: I’ve led my hunter Baisa through Magni quest and later world quests in Beast Mastery, I tanked Kil’Jaeden in Blood with Mindebad, and now I like questing in Discipline as it’s the Light shooting spec and at the same time quite powerful DPSing with ultimate built-in self-heals.

I’m implying to heal the Antorus raid at least on my priest, shaman and monk – these are the most enjoyable specs for healing. Oh my, who could have thought of that a year ago when I hated healing! I still do though with paladin and druid :)

So, thanks, the expansion, for leading me through all the 36 paths :)



This is the table I need to complete for full class mogging sets from Tomb of Sargeras. Bosses are listed which are to be killed by specific toons – and it has to be the exact class to drop. Well, except Har’jatan’s boots for Melaris which could be acquired by any leather class.

The worst thing is that some pieces come off trash, and trash only. So you’re basically bound to run and run the raid hoping for the best, and not even having a chance to toss a coin for the needed drop. That’s not nice. So far I had a single trash drop: a belt for the priest set.

I think that after I acquire the last pieces off bosses I’m gonna call it a day. It’s a task of solo raid running, not the tedious LFR runs throughout the whole raid on all toons with a minuscule chance of drop.

So yes, during the first weeks of the patch I’m still gonna be covering the mogging slots from the Tomb.

Many Little Things

Not enough urge yet to grind Margoss reputation or Underbelly eyes, it’s yet a thing for the end of the expansion.

Still doing the daily world quests for paragon chests – four toons per day. Still need Valarjar, Dreamweavers, Farondis and Nightfallen mounts. I think it’s expansion-wide project, but frankly I’m sick of it. Should have gotten them all by now, after half a year.

Heading for “invest 50 times in every building in Broken Shore” achievements. Micromantica just launches missions for Legionfall resources and unloads them from time to time. So far it’s 28-41-10. No world quests to speed it up, but maybe I could do that by the end of expansion to close the loose ends.

Old raid mogging runs are a thing lately with me – at least I need the achievements, the rest of the toons may suffice with the most wanted chests, legs, hands and shoulders. I’ve collected 2 sets from Throne of Thunder on weekend (mage, and – as a collateral damage – priest). Performed a full run on every raid possible except Dragon Soul (because the last piece comes from Baradin) and Siege of Orgrimmar (the mere thought about the first boss solo makes me sleepy). Many pieces acquired, and I’m actually very close to covering lots of set achievements.

Speaking of mogging, I’m also spending my instant world quest completion options (like mage, death knight, paladin, warlock, and demon hunter have) for specific PvP WQ if the reward is PvP tokens – I spend them for old PvP sets. Fat chance I’m doing any PvP on my own, so it’s the only way :)

I’m good with main professions on all toons – except Melaris’ mining and herbalism and Aurinko’s mining. I will level them and also cooking and first aid via Darkmoon Faire, so I’ll be there by the end of expansion.

In conclusion: 

I’m far from done with the expansion, but mostly I’m having expansion-wide projects now.  I wish I had one more week for yet one more try with mogging in Tomb and completing my weapons, but nevertheless, I’m ready.

Bring it on! We have an epic story to explore ^_^

Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay?


Tell us how you are finding the fantasy of the class and the world we live in. Has Blizzard nailed it on the head, or is it just leaving you cold and wanting to re-write the way your toon’s class is portrayed.

Legion encourages us to play every class in the game – which I do. My range of toons is exactly 12, one for each class, delivering every possible experience. So let me crawl one by one.

Legion has also presented a very distinctive view upon classes, so I would talk of how it played out in my case.


You could play any warrior type possible. Could it be the guys craving for PvP – especially arena type – a berserk? A decent good-hearted defender of his village/town from wild beasts and thugs? A knight in shining armor which forms the ranks of regular army? Name it.

Legion f*cked it all up imo. The vrykul business hit us as a truck, including a complete zone and its subzone, world quests, two dungeons and a raid. Not that Valhalla is bad for warriors, it just didn’t leave us any options but be a bloodthirsty, selfish berserk which cares about personal glory only and ready to die. Besides, the repetition sucked: all the same shit about valor all over and over.

My warrior Bons ranges from being a decorated Alliance soldier to a sort of a ravager type you find in highwayman hideouts in the forest (depending on transmog). Anyways, she cares much about her community – saving her local settlement, fighting for Gnomes, Alliance, Khaz Modan and Azeroth rather than waiting for dying in battle and getting a praise from some bearded Santa she never heard of.


Blizzard loves mages, so there’s little option it could have been failed. We got an Order Hall in Dalaran, heavily inflicted by arcane stuff. Not a total fan of arcane version of mages (Micromantica is an ice adept like her mentor, Jaina), I can’t help but acknowledge that this is perfect.


Actually paladins have so little options when exploring their class fantasy, so no wonder it was done perfectly. We got an Order Hall in Eastern Kingdoms, where paladins were initially created, and in the most iconic place ever which even managed to repel even the Lich King himself – so holy it is (see Death Knight 55-60 starting questline).

The Order Hall is awesome, it’s basically a cathedral, which also serves as a training ground and base of operations. It’s a war camp, but also very serene and suitable for a prayer and divine moments. I can’t think of how could it be done any better.


Blizzard really did it well introducing some inter-dimensional temple of enormous size. It’s nice having enclaves both for Shadow and Light, although most of the space in the temple is not really used, so it doesn’t feel any cozy and at the same time doesn’t bring this feeling of being in a sacred place.

Also priests are bound to pray the naaru – as good as it could have been for draenei players, I don’t feel too much devotion to them from every other priest race. Moreover, my Gnome Aurinko uses the Light very practically – she’s simply a battle medic like all Gnomes.


What could have been cooler for a shaman than returning back to the Cataclysm times when Earthen Ring ruled out the whole business of elements?

The Maelstrom porch is rumbling with raw energies, and you really feel the power of elements. This is awesome.

Again, I don’t feel too enthralled by this all – but due to race choice only. Schlitzchen is a goblin, so her approach to the elements is very practical. She’s not your normal cash-by-all-means type of goblins, she got into the whole elements business as she saw Thrall mastering them when goblins fled from Kezan. So she saw the shaman path as a powerful thing to help and save her kin. But her good heart draws the line exactly here: balance the elements powers to protect herself and her people, but not to save the whole world. So the Earthen Ring to her is like: eh, whatever.


It’s very easy to nail the druid experience: throw in a lush location and wooden huts carved in trees – there, you have it. Still, Blizzard went even farther than that. We learned that Broken Isles was the initial Malfurion’s training grounds, we got ourselves a piece of Emerald Dream, an ability to travel the long forgotten portals (finally!), and there’s also a whole druidic location – Val’sharah – and with druid-specific storyline (Xavius).

Works perfectly for night elves and worgen (who also got a nod in Val’sharah with Brandensbrook village). Maybe not that perfect for trolls and tauren. Trolls are a jungle type. And my druid – Tauren Helu – is obviously a Sun druid, all about steppes and lush meadows of Mulgore. She’s not much into the thickets and groves. Although she doesn’t feel any bad in Val’sharah.


I don’t know if you noticed, but hunter’s class lodge has exactly the same model as a Night Elven training building in Warcraft 3. So thanks for a nod to the past :)

Otherwise, it’s a nice spot. I like how Blizzard address every hunter’s aspect: beast pens, target practice grounds, different things for hunting. It’s always been a class of loners, trappers, pioneers, survivalists. They just needed a place to hang out – nothing to pompous, but very homely. I think it’s very good what they did to hunter fantasy here.

Yet again, if you’re roleplaying a rank archer/steamgunner/musketeer from Alliance or the Horde, it’s not your place to be. But I guess these players are few.


Rogues, like Warriors, have big diversity in roleplay. You can be an assassin, a pickpocket, a spy, a ninja, or a pirate.

Despite what every rogue asked – a Ravenholdt manor for the class order hall – I think that Blizzard managed to create a class order hall very good. It fits every role you could possibly pick for yourself. Besides, they managed to deliver the Ravenholdt’s elitist, noble style too in order hall meeting room and give ravens as class mounts. They gave you assassin training grounds, black market corridors, a bar to discuss deals, a goblin managed treasury, a noble-manor type of dining room for negotiations… what else would you want?

What people who asked for a manor don’t understand is that EVERY rogue role is acting in shadows. But to act in shadows… there must be a proper “light” world nearby. Where would you train you skills – spying, pickpocketing, brawling, assassinating – surely not among your fellow rogues? So giving a shadow world as an upside of the major city is awesome. And we also have three access points to our hideout in the city. What pleases me most, one of them is cheese traders, the family with very dark bandit history ever since the earliest Stormwind leveling times.

The only bad thing about rogues was basically introducing a proper pirate spec in the expansion – and your pirate representative in the order hall is a damn annoying idiot admiral Tethys. Would prefer a Barbossa-type character of course.


Getting an outlandish world for an order hall is not so fun. I can’t come up with an alternative solution… I just don’t like being there with so many demons around – even if enslaved. I guess I’m just fed up with demons. Yes, nailed it and all, but not a place to have fun at.

Those candle clusters though.

Death Knight

Acherus is an obvious choice for Death Knights, it’s a perfect keep addresssing whatever spec you play. It’s a chill, cozy necropolis – harsh, brutal base of operations for undead warriors. Not many options to vary your class fantasy in the whole death knight business, but still there’s a gory altar for Blood vampiric knights, Ice quarter for lich-type cold-blooded warriors and corpse resurrection sickly ground for plague bearers, as well as forges and training grounds. I don’t know… It’s all good.


There were just two options to settle monks: either it be Kun Lai Summit or Wandering Isle. Both are viable, although Wandering Isle is of course more fun. It has villages, cool nature (Kun Lai is snow-covered mountainside), and it has this temple in the middle. It’s good to be back here and recycle the Pandaren starting zone.

Pandaria-heavy in every aspect, it’s easily fitting the only monk roleplay option. Whatever race you are playing, if you’re choosing a way of the monk, you’re a fan of dumplings, thick ropes, sakura blossoms and all the corresponding stuff.


Demon Hunter

Blizzard went with an obvious decision as to stealing a battleship off Legion. I don’t like it at all. They’re nailing the class fantasy of course, but to my liking it lacks any lighter options than go around frowning and being tortured with demon inside. Basically you are settled in a demon base, surrounded by demons, and with no hope for the best. Not that it’s not fitting the demon hunter fantasy, but it’s very depressing.

Besides, they are all in awe with Illidan – which I’m not. Surely there could be at least some demon hunters who see him as a failure? Walking like that around, I feel kind of traitor :)

This is it for class fantasy for tonight!