Trivia: Paragon Chests, Artifact Weapons and More


This is it! Team Wardens/Nightfallen becomes the second to get one of their prizes. Anibell fished out a toy from her yet another paragon chest.

The toy turns you into a Warden:


Cool enough :) And yes, I’ve just earned myself an extra weekend from dailies. No more Warden emissary runs!

The whole list of paragon chest prizes now looks like this:

  • Valar’jar – mount
  • Highmountain – mount
  • Val’sharah – mount
  • Azsuna – mount
  • Suramar – mount
  • Wardens – toy
  • Legionfall – pet

More to go :)


Only four rep columns are left now in my chart. Legionfall is about Revered, so when I hit Exalted on all toons, it just goes – cause I already got the pet.

Artifact Weapons


Basically I’m already closing in the cap of second artifact weapons. I need them all at 52, and then I will ignore every AP income sources besides the natural drops from raids or quests.

Set Progress


It’s the final chart that I’m working on. As you see, most of my toons have already collected the full set of EN/TN raids. Today Etraeus dropped the last missing gloves for Aurinko.

Some of the pieces could be acquired by other classes, so my toons help each other. For example, the only piece that Micromantica misses is wrists from Aluriel. So Aurinko had a try and also tossed a coin for Aluriel’s wrists on her way to Etraeus, and Faerella, although all set and done, will do the same.

Hexen lacks only chest from Krosus – alas, no other leather toon could help her with this.

What pisses me off about drops is that Mindebad, Anibell and Bons have the worst karma for plate armor. They all lack 2-3 pieces, they can help each other to acquire them, and they just won’t drop. This week I ran all the wings of EN/TN with Anibell and Mindebad – none of the bosses dropped a single piece that I needed for them three. Let’s see how Bons will work it all out on weekend.

Blight Boar: A Metal Gig Event

There is a new event currently running in Darkmoon Faire, and it’s a metal gig :)

If you ride from First Aid dailies to the east, you’ll find a cave where a gig happens once an hour – but on 30th minute not to overlap with ETC gigs.

It’s a sort of an underground club, and with a chill out zone in the street :) All the audience and the band are Undead – fitting with their race dance moves (headbanging for males and a sort of a gothic dance for females).

It’s not just a gig. Some enormous knight who proclaims himself a king of metal runs in shortly after the song starts, and it’s sort of a raid boss to kill – could do it without being in a raid group, but not soloable of course. Once he’s dead, the vocalist girl goes in the middle of mosh pit, and very fat ghouls with shields start walking to her from all sides. You are then supposed to kill them, while stunning and tossing back with your race abilities – not letting them to reach the vocalist.

Several achievements are available for successful participation. And cool loot, most notably a toy which turns you into the singer (although you can’t move, or effect vanishes), and a bass guitar 2H mace – transmoggable!


I have mixed feelings about the event.

I like the general idea – it’s a metal gig after all, and I’m a metalhead :) The music is so much better than ETC – it’s pretty decent death metal compared to a very mediocre heavy metal, poorly composed and recorded.

I like the prizes – this is the type of stuff I’m eager to run for. On my first try with Backston the Hunter she got the toy. And I need that mace by all means.

I like that event is pretty fast.

What I don’t like is that you can’t properly listen to music and see the band :) You’re busy fighting, and the event is limited by the song, so when the ghouls are dead, everything’s over. Basically it’s a world boss fight with metal soundtrack – nothing you could not achieve in the open world with music player on :)

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What’s in Your Bags?


Topic 21 for Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge is: What’s in your Warcraft bags?

On all of twelve alts my pattern is more or less the same. I will show an example – the almost perfect bag space, presented by my priest Aurinko (say “hi” to our guests).


Bag #1

Bag #1 would be backpack of course.


Here I put all the most important means of travel and buff items – everything that stays for long. Hearthstones, vrykul grappling hook, whistle – are travel options. Flasks and runes just stack here, I may or may not use them in LFR, anyways they’re piled here. Also artifact weapons.

Bag #2


Bag #2 is of course a hexweave bag. Here I pile consumables and everything that comes via quests and missions – everything of operation. It could be even cleaner. I need to sell those two bags at AH, sell to vendor this undergeared trinket, sell to vendor or send to my leatherworkers those claws. A quest item for Tomb of Sargeras awaits completion, and tokens of Darkmoon must be thrown away.

Anyways, items pile by themselves here during my activities, and I try to clean up after every activity: after I finished a raid run, did an emissary WQ streak or whatever.

Bag #3


Bag #3 serves as a prolongation of bag #2, so the upper space is clear. For the lower parts I’ve put treasure maps, and it’s also where I pile important things that I need to keep a quick track of: all spare legendary items (and gear to replace them), Sentinax beacons, first aid kits. Those goblin gliders are here by accident, they should be in the backpack.

Bag #4


Bag #4 for my toons is always a specialized profession bag, so all profession mats drop here by default. Aurinko is an engineer, so her box is very crammed.

Bag #5


Bag #5 is always a Pandaren fridge. The food stacks itself, and I’m eating little, so when there’s a sudden cooking rush, I sell away the whole stacks afterwards.

Tomb of Sargeras: A Peep into The Gates of Hell


Although finishing EN/TN raid tiers is still my raiding priority these days, I’m also starting to explore the new raid.

I’ve completed three runs by now. Aurinko the Priest got a healer’s trinket, Backston the Hunter got her tier wrists, and Paitsu the Monk who went as a healer got gauntlets and legguards from her tier – and without extra coin rolls.

I liked the lore very much. Probably my most favorite theme in every game, cartoon or movie is assembling something big out of parts. I’m a fan of Elements or other concepts alike. So no wonder that the whole thing of Pillars of Creation is my thing 100%.

In every wing we will be putting the Pillars in their slots – and before we assembled them. By the way, it must be checked if they are removed from storage in Dalaran after you get the raid achievement :) Would be awesome.

The first wing is water-themed, and naga are bound here perfectly.

  • First, the Tidestone is the element of water.
  • Second, the naga have nothing to do with Legion, but they continue their story arc from Azsuna and the following dungeon. Their arrival is quite logical, as they wait us here – a perfect deduction from their side to get a Tidestone. Of course they can’t retrieve it from Dalaran! It also explains the naga arrival near the Tomb in Broken Shore, although those on surface are a corrupted kind. I don’t think that Azshara would greet her soldiers back demon-corrupted – she has bonds with the Old Gods, who are the ultimate nemesis of the Legion and vice versa. Maybe those ones in the surface were left as a supporting base camp, and the main forces went into the Tomb? So the bored soldiers got corrupted :) If Sassz’ine retrieved the Tidestone successfully, I guess she wiould beat all the shit out of the renegades then.
  • Third, it’s a direct link to the flooded, naga-filled tube we were passing through in the original Tomb of Sargeras in Frozen Throne expansion for Warcraft 3. Remember?


I conclude that the room in Warcraft 3, where we learned about that naga were elves once, is the same room where we fight the naga lady Sassz’ine. On my next trip there I’ll run around after the raid ends – for exploring and matching both maps in my mind.

The raid design is beautiful – I don’t even mind the darkness. Since Warcraft 3, the levels above water were cleared of seaweed and everything.

Goroth is a fun encounter. He is relying on AoE attacks, and following the mechanics is easy and comprehensible.

Harjatan. I’m not a fan of the fight, it’s basically his thick skin to address and some adds to be switched to.

Sassz’ine is cool. There’s lots of stuff to do, the field is tight enough to make avoiding multiple void zones an interesting problem. The only thing that I don’t understand is ink clouds. I know how to get this debuff by stepping in violet pools, but I’m completely unaware of where to carry it and at which moments.

In general the raid encounters design somewhat elusively reminds me of old arcade games, like it was the case with Blackrock Foundry. It’s like the best things were borrowed from them, but not a single annoying one. If the other bosses and wings will be as interesting, it’s gonna be my favorite raid in Legion.

Everything’s good with The Gates of Hell. Well, maybe except a wing name :) Tomb is not exactly hell, and naga wing is about Tidestone and water, not about Legion troops guarding the entrance.

Argus PTR: Expectations and Reality

7.3. PTR is opened, and screenshots and datamined information are all over the web.

First of all, Argus. As expected – and no one believed me – the planet is a black rock wreck with fel green puddles all over the place. Yes, it’s Legion’s forge, and it can’t look otherwise. There won’t be any well-preserved fauna and/or flora, there will be nothing except Legion-warped terrain. NOTHING.

And WTF did you expect?!

Still, the demon ranks are completely reworked – and it’s the only chance to invoke life into the old same range of imps, moarg, felguards we’ve been fighting ever since 2007. Just look at this creature:


But I really want the expansion to be over. Because Blizzard was feeding us with fel green non-stop since Tanaan Jungle patch in Draenor, and I’m really tired of it by now. We’ll be bathing in fel for at least a year since now.

Second, the means of travel. Draenei built a cool spaceship which (with Illidan’s keystone) would jump between demon worlds – that would be replayable daily content, spread on endless chunks of black rock/fel green splinters of planets.

Third, the new raid’s last boss is claimed to be… Argus. The titan of the planet. I don’t know whether he’s corrupted – we shall see. My guesses could be that Legion somehow taps into his powers of the sleeping titan (like Azeroth is a girl who still sleeps), so in the raid we would need to end this. Maybe we fight his dreams or something like that. Anyways, I think we beat the shit out of his head (because that’s how you heal corruption in video games, WoW no exception). Then he awakes, clean, shatters Argus-Planet and kills Sargeras. That makes perfect sense.

The list of raid bosses is no-names, except Varimathras:


He was present ever since W3 – Frozen Throne. A badass model, I like it as much as Tichondrius.

All in all I expect an excellent story with huge amounts of lore thrown at us about titans and draenei past. But I’m not very eager about playing in sad and boring terrains of Legion terramorphing, especially the repeatable content. Broken Shore took me only what it needed to get achievements. I hate it, and I never want to back there whatever the world quest awards are.

LFR: Never Start As a Healer


It’s the first day when common mortals are allowed to Tomb of Sargeras!

I had spare 40 minutes before going to work, and I queued as a healer due to shorter queues.

Aurinko the Holy Priest didn’t experience too much trouble there. The worst moments were at the trash mobs I guess. I noticed how people failed to follow certain mechanics at the bosses and died, but it was a complete mystery what these mechanics were because I was focused on health bars!

There was a pretty bad moment at Har’jatan in the very end when things just went south, both tanks were dead simultaneously and in an instant. Battle rez took our group some time, but we pulled it off.

There were no wipes, the worst case was 3 or 4 group members dead by the end of encounter.

As for loot – I got a trinket with a healer’s bonus from the last boss :)

As for bosses or raid environment… now here we go with the name of the post. I’ve pretty much missed everything about lore and environments, about how raid mechanics work (it seems I caught every whirling blade at the Naga lady boss). I guess there were some murlocs and jellyfish. Because I was staring at health bars! :)

Not making that mistake again. My first entrance into any raid must always be a ranged dps. It gives you an opportunity to gawp at a raid design, focus on the boss and trash mobs to see who they are and what they do. Once you learn the mechanics – mostly AVOIDING mechanics by heart, your healers will perform it easily and with only a slightest glance at the environs.

Doing the raid again today – on ranged dps, melee dps, and who knows – maybe even tanking. And so I’ll be writing my traditional “A Peep into [Raid Wing]” post tomorrow :)

P.S. The loot proved once again that on your first run you usually get trinkets, rings or necks. Since the second run there’s more chance to get capes, belts and wrists, and only then major tier items start to drop.

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: A Day in the Life of Your Toon


Topic 20 for Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge is a Day in the Life of Your Toon.

My actual gameplay is not about one toon, but all of them, so…

…Anibell’s steed is impatient in Gilneas quarters. It’s way past nine in the morning, and Aurinko, the gnome priest, is late as always.

– You’re gonna walk on your own legs all alone next time, – mutters paladin, and starts as Aurinko elegantly levitates down to the horse’s back.

– Morning! What are we up to today? – cheers Aurinko.

Anibell restrains herself from complaining and rides to Krasus’ Landing. The two of them are late again. The meeting has already started.

– …and kicked their asses! – Bons tells hoarsely, scratching fresh scars across her cheek. – I’ve piled vrykul skulls so high you could shit at the Halls of Valor from the top of them bones. And what did the bloody bastards say? Oh, but you haven’t proven yourself to Odyn good enough yet. Come again in a week. I’ll prove something to his balls the next time I see him!

The warrior gnome fiercely kicks a sack in front of her. It clanks and reeks of sewers.

– What the onions is that? – Faerella, the goblin warlock pinches her nose.

– That? That is some effing pieces of effing naga designs that the effing Serpentshrine “guests” forgot there in the effing dump. Thought I could use some.

– You’d better wash ’em first, sister, – Paitsu the monk muses, sipping on green tea. – Right, what we’re gonna do today?

Micromantica raises up a roll of paper.

– So, Team Valar’jar – including me, of course – worked well for the renowned warriors of Odyn yesterday.

– Kick his ass, – mutters Bons.

– Ahem. Yes, we will have to prove ourselves to Odyn again until he says us where he hid his drake…

– Or we can kick his ass until he does, – adds Bons.

– …but Team Valar’jar is free for today. Mend your wounds, for tonight is the highlight of team….

Ten heads frozen in anticipation.

– …Team Val’sharah! Congrats, Helu! Take our dear goblins with you, and we’ll be waiting for your results.

The tauren druid and the three goblins bump their heads as they assemble over the task list. Then they look up, visibly happy.

– Pfft! – Schlitzchen the shaman waves the paper above her head. – Is that all? So, all they want is a pinch of grass, a pebble and a pair of elixirs for tonight?

– There’s also a fiendish satyr to slay, – reminds Hexen, playing with her knife, but clearly not looking upset with the fact.

– Girls, I’ll carry you, – says Helu hastily, while looking at Bons who slowly turns red. Tauren turns into an owl, grabs the goblins by the collars and swooshes in Azsuna’s direction.

-…ck! – brings the wind from under Dalaran. – I can’t brew those elixirs without my equipment I  left in the city!…

Bons walks straight to Micromantica, stops in front of mage’s face nose to nose, and is silent, turning from pink to scarlet to dangerously violet.

– I know, – says Micromantica wearily.

– Yes, you know! You were there with us yesterday! Granted, you’re not a bookworm, climbing rocks and kicking asses and looking in the face of danger like the rest of us three! But why the hell we were assigned to the effing fjords and cliffs with millions of those bearded sons of a… when someone is spending their time in elven beaches like Azsuna and in fairy forests like Val’sharah? They collect effing herb, while we’ve chopped out a population of a small town yesterday. With these very hands!

– You know what? – says Paitsu. – Look around, we’re three left here. Anibell, Melaris, Aurinko and Backston are already gone to have a drink. I suggest we join them.

– Like I could have said “no”, – grumbles Bons. – Mark you, if next time Odyn doesn’t give me this dragon, I quit! I’m not playing this game anymore! And to think of it… we are competing with goblins on who will earn the faction appraisal and the secret mounts first! Is it true that all of them are having a try tonight?

Paitsu looks around and produces some shiny tokens from her sleeves.

– They won’t. Just by accident, I’ve not only forgotten to give them these Val’sharah druid signs my troops brought, but I also happened to “borrow” some of their own. Wanna keep them?

– Like I’m going to Val’sharah, – says Bons, glances around and hides the precious shiny tokens in her belt. – By the way, where’s Mindebad?

– Ah, she’s become perfect on emissary visit guessing. She slipped a note she’ll spend this sunny day in her coffin. Sends her regards.