And Here We Fly!

First thing in the morning I login with Gottenbar my Tauren Gladiator because he had 32 Tomes. And of course I kept in mind that we have FLIGHTS available now! After I checked my Garrison tables and queued up for HFC to get the last Tome, I saddled my wyvern and jumped to the skies! … Continue reading And Here We Fly!


Trivia: Shipyard, Tanaan, Hellfire

SHIPYARD First Epic Naval questline complete! It's just a give-in quest, I'm a bit dissapointed. For the last - 5th - mission, I didn't plan anything, just upgraded all the right ships with all equipment, 92%. No unsinkable plates, no careful choosing to face experienced captains. Yes, you need a carrier which means 25 treasure … Continue reading Trivia: Shipyard, Tanaan, Hellfire

Day and Night Before Patch 6.2.

So, Patch 6.2. is coming tomorrow, and let us see if I come prepared for it. THE RINGS First and foremost it's my Epic Ring chain that got me busy. Today I have closed the weekly Blackrock cooldown, and here's what we have with our 900 Runes: -------------- ALLIANCE Microfury 885 Backston 803 Mayluna 759 Chitsuro 728 … Continue reading Day and Night Before Patch 6.2.

Something’s In The Air… Players?

This picture in fact is very sufficient and I may not continue the post. But I will, so you get yourselves a bit of reading. There will be flights on Draenor! Huge news that shows Blizzard listens to logic and its fan base. There will be achievements for flights in Draenor! Huge news as it … Continue reading Something’s In The Air… Players?

Waiting for Patch… Or Not?

Before work, today's morning opened for me with 3-wing run in Foundry and after Oregorger in 4th wing I ditched my raid. Cause Gottenbar became the second one to get his 715 Epic Ring. Oh well, it's 2/11 of my alts now. Will be 3/11 in the evening, cause Melaris the Draenei Death Knight is … Continue reading Waiting for Patch… Or Not?

Blackrock Foundry: Gnomecore’s Review

With Hellfire Citadel already breathing in our face, let's see what we were doing in raids for the latest months. I'm willing to talk about Blackrock Foundry. While Highmaul was very diverse and many forces collided there, Blackrock Foundry can boast its unity. Blackhand doesn't let you forget that it's his domain, shouting orders or at … Continue reading Blackrock Foundry: Gnomecore’s Review

All The Small Things: World of Warcraft Content

Deliberately or not, this quest goal is totally giving away Blizzard's complete helplessness in Draenor with providing gaming content that is actually PLAYED. It's like they wrote - in a quest - we have nothing to offer for you, so cancel your subscription until Patch 6.2. Re-reading my blog yesterday, I’ve come across this late-Pandaria blog post and … Continue reading All The Small Things: World of Warcraft Content