Bank Day & Epic Ring Catch-Up

Amidst my dull grinding for Argent Tournament mounts, there were some interesting moments this weekend. Epic Rings Epic Rings are amazingly easy to catch up for alts. I'm getting an 8-10 Abrogator Stone mission every next day in my Shipyard. Plus there's an ogre selling some in Tanaan for Apexis crystals. Plus Garrison missions bring … Continue reading Bank Day & Epic Ring Catch-Up


Trivia: Shipyard, Tanaan, Hellfire

SHIPYARD First Epic Naval questline complete! It's just a give-in quest, I'm a bit dissapointed. For the last - 5th - mission, I didn't plan anything, just upgraded all the right ships with all equipment, 92%. No unsinkable plates, no careful choosing to face experienced captains. Yes, you need a carrier which means 25 treasure … Continue reading Trivia: Shipyard, Tanaan, Hellfire

Shipyard Equipment Guide (Map Included)

Well, obviously I can't live without progress, so I have invented a new challenge for myself. To ease managing of my alts' wharfs, I've made a small chart in Excel, which considers Ship Equipment. There's 10 upgrades that you need to encounter all threats in the sea. And mostly their recipes you get from killing rares. … Continue reading Shipyard Equipment Guide (Map Included)