Emissary Rotation

...is back to normal again. During the last 2 months, there was an obligatory rotation of Nightfallen - Legionfall - Army of Light - Argussian Reach - Kirin Tor every week. The rest two days was left for other emissaries, and it led to a situation when I may not have seen Valar'jar for a … Continue reading Emissary Rotation


Trivia: Paragon Chests, Artifact Weapons and More

This is it! Team Wardens/Nightfallen becomes the second to get one of their prizes. Anibell fished out a toy from her yet another paragon chest. The toy turns you into a Warden: Cool enough :) And yes, I've just earned myself an extra weekend from dailies. No more Warden emissary runs! The whole list of … Continue reading Trivia: Paragon Chests, Artifact Weapons and More

Trivia: Legionfall & Reputations

Breaking news: to complete the latest Legionfall campaign step, you need to complete 3 order hall missions in Broken Shore. Bad news: some Broken Shore missions don't count into the quest for reasons unknown. Tip: 100% proof are missions for Legionfal resources and Legionfall reputation tokens. And now to something interesting. Reputations I'm beginning my … Continue reading Trivia: Legionfall & Reputations

Plans and Tomb of Sargeras Schedule

So, the Tomb of Sargeras raid schedule is up! June 20 – Normal and Heroic June 27 – Mythic and LFR Wing 1: Gates of Hell (Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjartan) July 11 – LFR Wing 2: Wailing Halls (Mistress Sass’zine, Sisters of the Moon, Desolate Host) July 25 – LFR Wing 3: Chamber of the Avatar (Maiden of … Continue reading Plans and Tomb of Sargeras Schedule

Trivia: Slow Down

It's Monday, and it's time to revise my week. As for reputations, the progress rolls as it should: May 22 May 29 I've decided I slow down now. Every day I'll be doing only those emissaries and those toons which are not Exalted yet. When I'm there, I'll assign the "mount teams" to factions, and … Continue reading Trivia: Slow Down

Trivia: Professions, Mogging, New Armory & Reputations

A quick weekend summary is starting... now! Reputations Blue: Honored Cyan: Revered Orange: Exalted & Counting Italic: current emissary to complete I'm on fire with emissaries :) The chase to Exalted is very exciting, and I think I'm gonna be there by the end of May. Then I could split my toons into teams and … Continue reading Trivia: Professions, Mogging, New Armory & Reputations

Alt Management: Reputation Teams

In 7.2. there is a new addition which I'm gonna be busy with. It's the brand new emissary chests with mount rewards. I've conjured up a plan, but before I start with it, I'm gonna continue my work on reputations that I started before patch. My goal is Exalted with all Legion factions on every … Continue reading Alt Management: Reputation Teams