See for Yoursacks – Bag System Changes in Draenor

 I'm happy to say now that today Micromantica was the first to complete her goals before Draenor among my chars. For her, it included profession-based goals (as my first char, she was already geared up in SoO and had most achievements). She crafted pants and belts to wear for herself and Microfury (my warlock), and since that … Continue reading See for Yoursacks – Bag System Changes in Draenor


Resources: Farming Through… Farming

In recent comments on the official website I often came across "Tired of Pandaria, gimme-gimme-gimme Draenor!". One of the points that bothers people much about current expansion is surprisingly - Halfhill farm.I must serve as a public defender here. First, developing the farm was very fun. I have 4 characters to reach Halfhill yet, and I … Continue reading Resources: Farming Through… Farming