Done with Invasions & Nordrassil

Let the charts speak for themselves. August 13 August 21 Sometimes I've colored the items less than 700 lvl if they couldn't be replaced via invasions. Baisa will not probably get her 700. She lacks her Epic Ring. She also cannot pull out weapons. Yes, she has a hammer or a wand to choose from … Continue reading Done with Invasions & Nordrassil


Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – New Things & Routines

Again it was a very busy weekend. But I'm almost ready for August invasions now. All the New Things It seems I'm good with what pre-patch brought us: I've acquired most class-specific toys, glyphs and abilities. Some of them are appearing once in a while, and people could buy it out. So I will have to return … Continue reading Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – New Things & Routines

Pre-Patch 7.03. – Field Tests & Routines

I continue to delve into class changes, and it's time for field tests. Small Routines Before we set for class field tests, I just want to share one more - final - thing about Garrisons. These little buggers gave us something to do. Some little routines. Once we are in Legion, we will have class order … Continue reading Pre-Patch 7.03. – Field Tests & Routines

Pre-Patch 7.0.3 – Class Changes & Suicide Event

My evening and morning were 90% devoted to the huge work of class changes. I have 15 toons needed to be ready for Legion (well, one of them is 61 yet). The bottom line is: Whoever tells you that damage sucks, spit him in the face. Tanaan mobs die in mere seconds with every class, while … Continue reading Pre-Patch 7.0.3 – Class Changes & Suicide Event

Legion Pre-Patch 7.0 Date Announced: What’s Coming?

There - an official confirmation from Blizzard. July, 19 for US and July, 20 for EU region. Yeah, we are always having our patches and everything on Wednesdays :) So, what's gonna be on July, 20 in the pre-patch? And what you're gonna do before it's too late? Wardrobe That's hell of a thing. I … Continue reading Legion Pre-Patch 7.0 Date Announced: What’s Coming?