Go Besties With Tillers!

Sadly, it seems I never make it until WoD release - getting enough gear from SoO LFRs. But still Mayluna, Chitsuro, Zindari and Rottenshield are frantically raiding Throne of Thunder to get to SoO anyways - it's just trying to bite the last piece of party before it ends. And while they're waiting in queue for … Continue reading Go Besties With Tillers!


Mending Your Farm, Or What Else You Don’t Know About Halfhill?

As Draenor comes closer and closer, Halfhill farm will most probably mean nothing for you in little less than a month. So, this hint maybe a bit late. But as I'm constantly busy with my alts' professions, I use farming daily now for mats, and that means like 35 days of planting and collecting crops. … Continue reading Mending Your Farm, Or What Else You Don’t Know About Halfhill?

Bringing Fun Back to Leveling: Klaxxi

Leveling in Warcraft has become very fast and smooth since when I started playing (it was times of Lich King). I don't know if it's overgearing given even at the first levels or weakened enemies, but it is so. At those times you had to crawl very slowly, and pray that mobs don't call any aids … Continue reading Bringing Fun Back to Leveling: Klaxxi

Pandaria! Or What is a Must on Your Arrival Here

Of course the triumphant yell "Pandaria!" could not be understood by those craving for Draenor, heh. But in this case it means I've ended up Cataclysm at last and launched all my remaining characters to the southern continent!Sharing my experience now what it means to make their first steps when you have a strong back-up … Continue reading Pandaria! Or What is a Must on Your Arrival Here

When Pandaria Is Left Behind…

- Dear Blizzes, please do a pre-launch event where Garrosh launches a mana-bomb to a continent of Pandaria, so that not a single virmen, mantid or pandaren survived.- And Gina Mudclaw must be in the epicenter of explosion- And forget everything as a nightmare.(c) Official WoW forumWith each day, Warlords of Draenor comes nearer. It may be … Continue reading When Pandaria Is Left Behind…

Resources: Farming Through… Farming

In recent comments on the official website I often came across "Tired of Pandaria, gimme-gimme-gimme Draenor!". One of the points that bothers people much about current expansion is surprisingly - Halfhill farm.I must serve as a public defender here. First, developing the farm was very fun. I have 4 characters to reach Halfhill yet, and I … Continue reading Resources: Farming Through… Farming

Please more time until WoD!

Though I strongly want a new expansion, I still hope that it's released not until at least late October. I really want to get my 4 chars to Pandaria and dress them in LFR tiers of Thunder and Orgrimmar! Easier for me, I never wear helmets, cause it's not why I spent many minutes choosing … Continue reading Please more time until WoD!