My First Class Mount!

Hooray, the last bit of campaign is here! If you've waited for a great scenario as a Broken Shore climax... no. Just slay 100 demons in Broken Shore to get the achievement. My other toons are so close! Five more are now ready to complete the last step, and the rest have finished the damned … Continue reading My First Class Mount!


Selfies for 80s!

By the end of weekend all my leveling girls reached 80 and peered at the eye of Maelstorm where Thrall struggles hard with Cataclysm.Although the stories of the end of their Northrend adventures arecoming (Zindari at Zul'Drak and Chitsuro at Sholazar and Storm Peaks), I decided to draw a line here and make all my chars' … Continue reading Selfies for 80s!

Micromantica – the Chilly Pulse of Gnomeregan

Let's get acquainted with my characters. During the series of posts I will unveil what's hidden behind their faces (updated soon in WoD heh). I reveal not only my feelings and experience about choosing and playing race/class/professions. Each character is - well, character. It's never a sack of pixels intended for grinding equipment or earning … Continue reading Micromantica – the Chilly Pulse of Gnomeregan