The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations

So, Blizzcon is almost here, and by all means we will get insights about the new World of Warcraft expansion. Let's discuss our expectations about it :) Setting First and foremost, it's most likely gonna be a sea expansion focused largely on Alliance/Horde clash - and with an ultimate enemy of N'Zoth/Void. The clues are … Continue reading The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations


Tomb of Sargeras Maps: Legion Raid and Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Parallels

This exploration/lore project is presented by Micromantica, the honored member of Ironforge Explorer League. Maiev pursued Illidan into the Sargeras's Tomb hoping to stop Illidan before he claimed the terrible demon's powers. Inside, Maiev and her forces battled Illidan's Naga as well as the demonic guardians of the tomb. Maiev was confronted by the Naga … Continue reading Tomb of Sargeras Maps: Legion Raid and Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Parallels

Legion: My First Impressions

I will be quick today, just mentioning the general highlights of the first launch days. There's so much stuff in Legion that I will need separate posts for most aspects. Besides, I have many yet to discover and explore. TL;DR - the new expansion looks and feels like work on the mistakes, and a successful … Continue reading Legion: My First Impressions

Harbringers, Comics, Audio Drama

During the last few weeks Blizzard was feeding us with chunks of intro lore for the upcoming Legion expansion. Notable thing is: I cannot remember the lore attack on the players this big and important before the upcoming expansion. All the things we get are vital for the plot. As they are all here now, let's try … Continue reading Harbringers, Comics, Audio Drama