Selfies for 80s!

By the end of weekend all my leveling girls reached 80 and peered at the eye of Maelstorm where Thrall struggles hard with Cataclysm.Although the stories of the end of their Northrend adventures arecoming (Zindari at Zul'Drak and Chitsuro at Sholazar and Storm Peaks), I decided to draw a line here and make all my chars' … Continue reading Selfies for 80s!


Ilmari – The Spear of Silvermoon

The Blood Elf Paladin Ilmari was my very first melee char to travel through Azeroth lands. As I'm accustomed to kill the creatures without them reaching me, I was a bit afraid to start a character who will spend most of his life face-to-face with monsters - and inside the melee range of deadliest boss abilities … Continue reading Ilmari – The Spear of Silvermoon