Progress: Channelling

I think I've discovered myself a new funny thing to do: Transmogrification. Last week, I've completed the Firebat set for my hunter Salash: This week, with my Gladiator Warrior getting her few (ugly) items from LFRs, I polished Rottenshield's looks. I think it always starts with shoulders. You get one, and they look so badass … Continue reading Progress: Channelling


Gear Up: Getting Ready For Next LFRs!

Let the charts speak for themselves: January 20 February 11 Few comments to comment:  Obviously only Chitsuro has to reach Highmaul LFR yet. Need to finish the main Nagrand questline for everyone - it will give some nice replacements for previous green items. I look forward to finishing them asap, cause then I'll be busy … Continue reading Gear Up: Getting Ready For Next LFRs!

Things Before WoD: Updated-2

One more glance at my Things Before WoD to-do-list, and here's what we see. 1. Professions. All my chars now maxed their main professions up to 600. All my chars now are Zen Masters in First Aid and their respective Cooking Ways. Most of them have completed their realistic goals to craft what has to … Continue reading Things Before WoD: Updated-2

Selfies for 80s!

By the end of weekend all my leveling girls reached 80 and peered at the eye of Maelstorm where Thrall struggles hard with Cataclysm.Although the stories of the end of their Northrend adventures arecoming (Zindari at Zul'Drak and Chitsuro at Sholazar and Storm Peaks), I decided to draw a line here and make all my chars' … Continue reading Selfies for 80s!

Please more time until WoD!

Though I strongly want a new expansion, I still hope that it's released not until at least late October. I really want to get my 4 chars to Pandaria and dress them in LFR tiers of Thunder and Orgrimmar! Easier for me, I never wear helmets, cause it's not why I spent many minutes choosing … Continue reading Please more time until WoD!

Barbaric Fashion, Or Don’t Throw Cool Things Away!

It was not until this winter that I finally discovered transmogrfication with my chars. Before that all the nice stuff was sold to vendors or disenchanted. But when I got a Conan-like Warrior set through questing scorched locations in Eastern Kingdoms, I finally knew that it is time to save a big wardrobe-bag at my … Continue reading Barbaric Fashion, Or Don’t Throw Cool Things Away!