Legion: Alt Management and Goals

It's been a while since I set up goals for my toons. I guess it was around the Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry introduction time. It is interesting that situation is very similar now: my toons are at very different stages, many things to do, so we must set a focus for them. Here goes my progress chart, … Continue reading Legion: Alt Management and Goals

Skins And Furs: Filling The Barn

One of the most frustrating things about Garrison that I was complaining about is the skins/furs income. The problem is: as long as you can gather herb/ore literally from under your feet, it's unfair for Leatherworkers and Tailors that collecting THEIR resources is harder. Now I changed my mind. Last week I had to go … Continue reading Skins And Furs: Filling The Barn

Garrisons: A Total Confusion

The post is devoted only to Garrisons and why it's so strange for me now. To get started with, I'm having my Garrison now at level 2, built a mine (upg:2), a herb garden, a fishing shack and Enchanter/Tailor facilities for Micromantica. Also having a reasonable pack of followers who go on missions. My attitude … Continue reading Garrisons: A Total Confusion

My First Steps On Draenor

Of course I didn't rush into Draenor upon its opening! Even an hour before the event, the clouds and grounds around the Dark Portal were dark with swarming mounts. So I went to sleep and I've played like hour and a half in the morning with now a reasonable amount of other players in the starting … Continue reading My First Steps On Draenor