New Specs!

For the second time in Legion the artifact system dictates me trying and playing the other specs than I normally like to play. When you have a goal of driving every artifact to 52 traits, and you accidentally drop 21,8 million token into the already upgraded weapon... well, it sucks. So just in case I'm … Continue reading New Specs!


Yet Another Race Swap

I did lots of race changes for my toons, and there's always been one and only reason: I've stopped to like the vibe of a character's moves. The most outstanding example was swapping from a female Undead warrior: for no explainable reason she did flip-flop jumps during her rotation. Just imagine this: a sturdy warrior, … Continue reading Yet Another Race Swap

Class Order Hall Followers 7.2.

Weekend was totally devoted to acquiring new Class Order Hall followers for my toons, and I've seen them for every class. It was a fun journey! So, here are the impressions. I would grade the questlines in three groups: Awww, Eh and Meh. The questlines are very similar: first you are sent to class-specific zone … Continue reading Class Order Hall Followers 7.2.

Prepared for Legion: Outsider Alts

After assembling my Feat of Strength Team yesterday, I've made an important toon toggle between realms. Gottenbar the Tauren Warrior was the second warrior on my main EU-Fordragon realm. I transferred him to EU-Azuregos where my other alts dwell to free a slot. And Baisa the Shadow Priest moved to EU-Fordragon - to become the priest there. *Funny … Continue reading Prepared for Legion: Outsider Alts

Pre-Patch 7.03. – Field Tests & Routines

I continue to delve into class changes, and it's time for field tests. Small Routines Before we set for class field tests, I just want to share one more - final - thing about Garrisons. These little buggers gave us something to do. Some little routines. Once we are in Legion, we will have class order … Continue reading Pre-Patch 7.03. – Field Tests & Routines